Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oh loving Internet.

Or.... just because I'm a
loner with no life
I'm baaaaack! It's been like... eternity since I've been here! Oh my Internet friends, I'm sure you all are disappointed in me. In fact, I am disappointed in myself. So disappointed, that I wrote a poem to show my feelings.

I'm kidding.

I didn't actually.

But that's what improv is all about!

Oh how I yearn,
for my steady hands on the keyboard.
Typing out my thoughts,
(that no one ever reads anyways).
But guess what?
I am back, refreshed,
proving to you that I actually do have a life.

Not too shabby!

So, what has kept me so busy that I am unable to spare a minute to let you know I'm still alive? Well, I haven't been that busy...

First, I had exams.


I was a complete and utter mess. And then it turned out to be pointless... I did alright, I guess.

THEN I got to go to fiddle camp.

As a keyboard accompanist. Because I suck at the fiddle. Because the violin for dummies book IS REALLY COMPLICATED =/

My favourite part you may ask? Sitting on the roof in the middle of the night playing card games. Awww yeah! Oh and swimming in the creek.

So a quick summary on fiddle camp; I got 20 hours of sleep over 6 day, I had a lot of fun, and I didn't want to leave.

I got home and I slept. And I slept some more, and I slept some more. The first day home, I slept 19 out of 24 hours!

Then, last week I was at family camp. With my G-ma and G-pa (I feel so gansta). Fun? Yeah. I felt like kind of a loner though, I didn't really DO much. Well, I will update you more on that later.

And now I'm home. And finally ready to return to the world of the Internet. So hello, my friends! Good to see you again! I hope you don't hate me for deserting you.... I didn't mean to! TTFN!!!! (ahhh good ol' winnie the pooh)

Look! I'm being all computer geeky!

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