Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Note to self....

Note to self. Texting from a cell phone does NOT work....
(2/3) Hello. How are you.
me: good.
well that kind of ended there. This whole phone thingy is
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(3/3) really screwed up so i might have to stop..... See ya guys
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(1/3) I reached a maximum! This sucks. Anyways. fine. Next friend.

amy. say something.
amy: hi.
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(3/6) the random numbers and crappy punctuation.

Why am I on a bus? Because im going to a tennis
Sent by Text Messaging from a mobile device.
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(2/6) that?" well, me being all technical i figured out how to blog from my phone. So ignore all
Sent by Text Messaging from a mobile device.
Envoye par messagerie texte d'un appareil mobile.
(1/6) Hey guys!!! Guess what? Im on a bus. So, your probably thinking "how the hell is she doing
Sent by Text Messaging from a mobile device.
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(6/6) un-runawayable space.

destiny! Say something! (she is shaking her head and smiling) fine.
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(5/6) Hey ya know what? I should interview all my friends. Ya know, since we are in a confined
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(4/6) tournment. I know, cool one right here.

other than that? Anything new? Naaaa not really.
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Marvelous! Just marvelous! Day 53

Oh by the way, to anyone new to my blog, I was recently attending the A-Z 30 day blogging challenge. In which everyday of April (except Sundays) you would blog in alphabetical order. Unfortunately, being the procrastinator that I am I failed to do so. But I'm not a quitter!!! So, I am continuing to try and finish this challenge.

Now, I have important news!!! A milestone in my LIFE!

image from here
That like kinda made my weekend =)

Oh and believe me, it was in desperate need of making.

But now onto what I was actually planning on blogging about.

I have been blog hopping. A lot. And I have found some amazing blogs! I shall share with you.

Blog #1: Manga Freak

This is one of my friends in real life (gasp! Imagine that!) But anyway she talks about Manga and Anime and a whole bunch of other stuff that I don't get and so if you're curious about what that is or actually know what I'm talking about go there!

P.s. She's amazing! =P

Blog #2: Absolutely Narcissism

She doesn't know I exist. But I read her blog every fricken time she posts. Why? Because she is so damn hilarious. Now, don't be turned away by the fact that she is posting about the fact that she found a ice cream that makes her shit... But if you read her blog enough you will be hooked. Trust me.

I like this blog cause she's like my age!!! And it's so amazing to read! GO NOW!

Last but not least my newest blog to follow! Now, cut her some slack, she's just a newbie but we were all newbies at one time! Thought that i would help her out by spreading her link around the web!

And that's it! I totally think you should visit these blogs because there either amazing people or amazing blogs or.... both. Go now. I'm done anyway....

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Long Weekend!!!! Day 52

Day 52 sounds really bad.... I'm still trying though! That's what counts... I think?

I'm SOOO sorry for now posting, how inconsiderate of me! Well, I kept pulling up my blog and looking at stats and comments, and then reading others blogs... (cough cough go check out Absolutely Narcissism =P) If you dare.... hehehe.

So my new favourite class is Language Arts. I know, gasp, the person that blogs for hours likes English. Imagine that! Ok, well it's not exactly the class itself. Don't get me wrong, it's cool, but it's the people in it!

An average conversation:

Teacher: Ok, let's brainstorm. Give me a random situation.
Student: The killer whales escaped from Sea World!

..... Wtf? Try imagining that. I dare you. It takes most people a minute I understand.




See? Hahahahaha

Or some random guy shouted out "I wanna be a pinata!!! No no no wait I mean uhhh I mean I want to have a pinata!"

So we shall beat that guy with sticks. Just kidding! ahaha I wish.

Oh by the way this is the same class where a student told the teacher TO HER FACE that she needed to be medicated.

You get my drift?


Ok.... so now this post is getting kind of random.

Just a bit.


My brain is in a mental  stall.


That's me

Unable to write anything worth reading...

But look! I tricked you! You're reading it!!!

OK QUICK QUESTION!!!! Is anyone else like this?

Scenario #1: I get, like, 6 hours of sleep: really tired.

Scenario #2: I get, like, 14 hours of sleep: really tired.

I don't get it. Anyway, here's a video for you guys that kinda describes my blog. Maybe I will change the way I say things.... Ya know? =P Oh btw I stole this from my LA teachers blog. I know. Cool right?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kill Bill? Really? Day 38

Yes, I know I spelled Kan wrong. But I need to follow through with this A-Z challenge!

So I was just sittin' here minding my own buisness when my parents called me to the living room. I was just aimlessly trying to write a blog post....

So I walk into the living room and they are watching Kill Bill. Now, I haven't seen it, so I trusted Wikipedia to inform you....

Volume 1
A pregnant bride (Uma Thurman) lies beaten at her wedding, telling an unseen Bill (David Carradine) that it is his baby, before he shoots her in the head. Sometime later, The Bride finds Vernita Green (Vivica A. Fox) at her home and fights her, but they cease after Vernita's daughter Nikki arrives from school. It is revealed that both women were former members of the Deadly Vipers Assassination Squad; elite assassins under the employ of Bill. The squad was ordered by Bill to attack The Bride's wedding in El Paso, Texas. Vernita attempts to kill her with a hidden gun, but dies after being stabbed. The Bride offers Nikki revenge should she seek it as an adult before leaving. She then strikes Vernita's name off a checklist, the second after one "O-Ren Ishii" has already been struck off.
It is revealed that after the wedding attack, The Bride miraculously survived the head shot but was left comatose. In hospital, another member of the Deadly Vipers, the one-eyed Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah), enters The Bride's room and prepares a lethal injection but is interrupted by Bill on the phone, who states they will take action only if she wakes. Four years later, The Bride awakens and is horrified to discover that she is no longer pregnant, leading her to assume that her baby is dead. She escapes, swearing revenge, and picks her first target: O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu), an orphan whose parents were killed by gangsters and who eventually took revenge, becoming an assassin. After the attack on the wedding, she has since become the leader of the Tokyo underworld.
The Bride travels to Okinawa to obtain a sword from retired legendary swordsmith Hattori Hanz┼Ź (Sonny Chiba), who has become a sushi chef and sworn never to forge again. After learning that her target is his former student, Bill, he agrees to forge his finest sword for her. The Bride then confronts O-Ren at a night club. She severs the arm of Sofie Fatale (Julie Dreyfus), an informant of Bill. She then bloodily fights off all of O-Ren’s henchmen, including the Crazy 88 and her personal bodyguard, 17-year-old sadist Gogo Yubari (Chiaki Kuriyama). The Bride then duels O-Ren, and kills her. Extracting the whereabouts of the other assassins from Sofie by cutting off her other arm, she leaves her at a hospital. Bill visits Sofie, who informs him that The Bride now knows the names and locations of the Deadly Vipers and is out for revenge. Bill then asks if The Bride is aware that her daughter is still alive.

So... Yeah. ???? Right? My parents, the ones who talk about tectonic plates as a dinner conversation watching this movie. Multiple times. Jaw on the floor.

So back to the story. So they called me into the living room while watching this movie.

Me: Yes?
Parents: Watch this scene.
Me: I really don't care.
Parents: Just watch it. It explains how this woman got so powerful.
Me: *rolling eyes* Fine.
Movie: (a whole bunch of people speaking in Japanese)
Me: I'm leaving.
Mom: No just watch, like two more seconds!
Me: (two seconds has gone by)

Me: (four seconds...)

Me: (20 seconds)

Moive: Girl gets up on table and chops man's head off, then flings her sword and sprays people in the face with blood. Says "I'm going to say this in English" and then goes on to talk about how if someone has a problem feel free to mention it.
Me: I'm leaving.... this is stupid. I really don't care.
Mom: Fine....


Dad: The scene got funnier btw.
Me: I really don't care
Dad: (to my mom) Maybe when she's older.

Things my parents watch....

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just Kidding! Day 33

Day 33 of my 30 Day Blogging Challenge! Woot Woot!


So yesterday it was PD Monday (ya know that day in school where they let you out early so they can have a meeting, and then don't start until we normally get out anyway) so I had an hour to kill before track. So I decided to go hang out with my bud <insert crazy name here> Corey. Now, the whole point of the story is she recently signed up for rugby which was actually really surprising. She is the girl that just learned how to talk instead of smile all the time and won the award for most courteous. Here's my story.

Corey: Do you always stalk me when I go home.
Me: Yeah most of the time
Corey: Well be quiet I have to phone my mother.
*Ring Ring, Ring Ring*
Corey: Hello?
Corey: (gets off phone) You're just soooo mature.
Me: I know, it's a gift.

Anyway we were going to her house to get her mouth guard for rugby practice.

C: Aren't you suppose to boil it first?
Me: I don't know, my dentist made my so it actually fits around my teeth (oh btw I play basketball, not rugby. FUNNY STORY!!! My dad asked me if I wanted to wear my mouth guard while I cross-country ran. Ya know, in case some girl got mad at me and punched me or something... hehehe)

C: Read the instructions
Me: Step number one, bring water to boil... yep apparently you boil it!
C: Thanx tips
Me: It says in a pan, not a pot!
C: Whatever...
C: (muffled)  wohsdfdsaoj lfdsfdso
Me: (reading instructions) Bite down firmly for 20 seconds, while pressing the mouthguard into the gums.
*Phone rings*

*Look at each other with huge eyes*

Me: Do you want me to answer it?
C: jfkdasljfdlksajfdsk;la!!!!
Me: Ok.... "Hello Smith residence"
Person on phone: Send me the email.
Me: Who is this?
Person: Did you send me the email?
C: (ripping mouthguard out of her mouth guard out of her mouth and fumbling for them phone) I haven't yet but I will!
Me: ??????

So that's my life. Average day. Laughing at my friend gagging over a mouthguard. JUST KIDDING!!! (actually that really happened.... hahaha)

Thanks for reading!!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Is this ok? Day 31

So I failed the 30 Day A-Z Blogging Challenge. Why? Because I didn't make it to Z. I was on H. BUT!!! I am not a quitter! So I will keep going until I reach the end! Bear with me, I am on I. (HAHAHA that sentence is so screwed up.)

Now would be a good time to welcome all my new followers! I have 22! I am soooooo excited! =D You guys make my day! Lots did indeed come from the A-Z Blogging challenge (which makes me feel guilty...). I will have you know that I did visit other peoples blogs too! Especially my new minions followers. I as well met some new friends and followed some new blogs.

I should probably tell you about all the excuses I have been brainstorming for why I didn't finish the challenge. ............................................................... ok I will

image from here

1. I'm lazy: When I got home from school, or badminton, or track, or piano, and logged onto my laptop, I didn't blog. I am still a recoverying Facebook addict, as well as being newly addicted to online pool tournaments (I know, embarassing). Then I would be kicked off my computer to do something... well more productive.

2. I've had a piano tied to my leg: My life has been about piano! Whether it was grand piano shopping (I fell in love with this piano, too bad its $30,000), or performing (Like everywhere!), or practicing (Grade 7 RCM and Harmony Grade 3) I have had no time for the internet! Good news: I GOT RECCOMMENDED FOR PROVINCIALS AT MY FESTIVAL!!!! OH EM GEE!!!!!! Plus at this other festival in the city I got 3 firsts and a second! WOOOO HOOOOO!!!! I  know, it would have been nice to put 4 firsts, but.... the guy who beat me had some kind of autism. Which, actually made him really good.... haha

3. We switched math teachers: Therefore switched classrooms. Therefore no computer sitting 30cm in front of me. I mean, the odd time.... or during other classes, but not a reliable morning spent blogging. (Don't judge me! I happen to do very well in math. Even without paying attention =P)

Is that enough reasons for you? Or am I just boring you trying to make excuses for myself? I don't know, I can't read your mind. Especially through the computer. Maybe if I could see you. I am testing out my new found superpowers. Beware!

Look! I'm being all computer geeky!

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