Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Ok so we  had our first basketball game today! But in order to talk about it I have to explain the standings to you. I started playing last year as a newbie on a Grade 7/8 team and I had no confidence what so ever and passed the ball the first chance I got ;P. This year, I was all pumped because it was suppose to be just a grade 9 team, so there was bound to be another newbie.... so I wouldn't be bottom of the heap again. But there was like 5 grade 11 who didn't try out and messed the whole system up! There wasn't enough for a senior team so they took 5 grade 10's and then they didn't have enough for a JV team so they took 5 Grade 9's.... so basically we lost our 5 best players. Then at our tryouts, if you walked on the court you were on the team. I convince one of my friends, and now she might hate me... and other than that, we get a team of the non-committed, injured, and newbies. Oh and plus we took the Grade 8's three best players.... So I'm point guard. I went from "Don't pass to me, I'm scared of the ball" to "Look, I'm captain of the team, I'm open!" -_- yeah.... well. But, get ready for it... I SCORED THE FIRST THREE BASKETS!!! *extreme happy dance leading into jumping on the desk and hitting my head on the ceiling* So, basically, I just typed that whole thing to explain that confidence is one of the most important things you can give yourself. And it doesn't just apply to sports. Saying your going to fail (cough, cough) a test while your trying to study is probably a bad idea. Because inside your head, your brain isn't really retaining the information because it's busy worrying about failing. Yep, that's what I think. Oh yeah, and even though I didn't say this last time, but part of my resolution was to blog more. And that ended on January 3rd.... NEW RECORD!!! LONGEST KEPT NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION IN HISTORY!!!! haha just kidding unless history only applies to my life then it's true. Now I'm going to still the most dorkyest saying from my friend "later, people of the interwebs!"

This is me (Arrow pointing up) 

Oh and btw good job all my fine ladies, and I didn't really mean what I said up there. Just me ranting. Again. *blushing* It just feels like that sometime.... And if this was an answering machine message it would end with.....

Feel free to leave your insult, at the tone. *BEEP*

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