Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let's go wash a car. Whoop-dee-do.

So, this entire week I have no school because it's spring break! Woohoo!!!! But, instead of school I have been going to this badminton camp which I have to admit is kind of brutal. It shouldn't be, it's only like two and a half hours a day and we don't do a lot of running, but apparently (as my ass so kindly pointed out) I'm out of shape. It's only day two and I'm so sore! But I was explaining this camp to my friend and I was demonstrating all the ridiculous things we had to do. He explained it like "in that movie karate kid where he has to do all the "unrelated" stuff like paint the fence and wash the car, well, we are going to do stuff like that today."

Well, thankfully, we didn't have to wash his car.

But, we did have to do all these crazy skips and turns and footwork to get better at moving around the court. So the one we had to lift our knee above our hip and then spin so we were facing one wall, and then lift the other leg and so on and so forth. Then we had to do the whole cross in front, step, cross behind, step thing, but really fast and really small steps. And while I was demonstrating this to my friend I said "I mean, if we are going to keep having to do exercises like this, I will have to get a better bra!". Well, she found that hilarious!

Anyway, that's all I really have to talk about. I know, a week off school and that's the best blogging topic I can come up with. Oh well. I was reading someones post on how to get better blog topics and they said to carry a pen and paper with you every where you go. Maybe I should. Then I would have viewers...... haha just kidding I know that you are reading this!!! Thanx for reading! Adios!
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quote me! =D

HOLY COW!!!! *in Indian accent* Yes, cows are very holy in India. First of all, I would like to congratulate myself on passing 1,000 views on my blog!!! I know, it took me like forever, but I made it! I will say though, I am a little surprised at how popular my last post was. I posted my essay Music Changes the Brain on my blog (as well as reddit) and got 321 views in 24 hours. Now, for some of you more, well, experienced bloggers that might not be a lot, but when you're sitting at like 3 a day, 321 is a whole crapload. Oh and if any of you reddit.com fans are reading this (you came back!!!! <3) I would like to welcome you to my blog. I have to admit, though, it kind of creeps me out that at any time of day, there is someone reading my blog.

Now, just because I really have nothing else to talk about, I will look up random quotes and give my opinions on them.
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"There is a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore looking like an idiot" - Steven Wright. SOOOO TRUE!!! So, when I was a little kid, I used to go ice fishing with my dad and grandpa (here in the great white north aka Canada, there is very little fishing off shore because it's winter almost all year =D) Now, if you have never gone ice fishing, I will explain it to you. First of all, you drill a hole into the ice (duh). Then, since you can't see down the hole with the sun shining, you need a tent. And by tent, I mean a little cloth outhouse-looking thing with a hole in the bottom. Now, this "tent" is so small that there is only room for you and a 5 gallon pail you turn upside down to sit on. Then you put your line down the hole and..... and..... wait. In order to catch the fishes attention, you need to jiggle the line juuuuust so, but not to fast. And you can spend hours looking down this hole like a foot wide and never see a fish. It's quite impractical, really, seeing the size of the lake and lack of fish. Why would anyone expect a fish to swim exactly into there foot of lake they can see? Anyway, I used to go ice fishing a lot, and I think I have only ever caught about two fish. It makes you wonder how lonely people must be to go sit in a dark tent alone looking down a hole for hours.

Very funny, Scotty, now beam down my clothes. HAHAHAHA THAT IS FUNNY! I think this is from Star Trek, although, I can't be sure because I don't watch Star Trek. Maybe it was actually in a movie of some sorts. Who knows? As for me, no comment.

And the last one of the day:
I am not a vegetarian because I love animals; I am a vegetarian because I hate plants. - A. Whitney Brown Come on, who could hate plants? They give us oxygen! As for me, I eat meat cause it's really good and I couldn't live without it. And we need it for certain proteins and minerals and other stuff like that. So, if we are healthier when we eat meat, that must of been what God wants us to do, right?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Music Changes the Brain

Recently for English class, we were expected to do a research essay on a topic of choice. My thoughts were "Of choice? A boo-yah!" So, while the majority of the class did topics like lions, and dolphins and whales, I did how your brain reacts to music. Enjoy =)

Music Changes the Brain
When people think of music, they usually think of it as a powerful experience that is unique to them, and more of an art than a science. Many people are unaware that it has the ability to change the development of the brain in young children, involve almost every part of the brain, and even release hormones in the brain related to immense pleasure. In past years, scientists have posed these questions, but lacking the knowledge and equipment were unable to test this. Within the last year, a number of tests were conducted at various locations around the world, discovering more and more about this unique experience that has had humans obsessed and intrigued. Music is a very enthralling and complex occurrence that has been proven to engage most of the brain, connects emotionally with people, and changes lives through improving memory, speech, and other use-dependant structural changes in the brain.
image from here
Music is both an emotional and an intellectual activity, meaning it is difficult to isolate the specific areas of the brain in use. It is known, though, that it is one of the few hobbies that engross almost the entire brain. Usually, only one side of the brain is in use, which makes music a peculiar activity. Why do different magnitudes of vibrating particles have such a dramatic effect on the human brain? Amazingly enough, there are so many different aspects of music; the brain can’t possibly perceive them all at the same time. That’s what makes music so pleasurable, it gives people the ability to listen to the same song, and yet not be uninterested.
            On the contrary, it makes music a much more difficult thing to master. Even after grasping the basic of a piece, such as notes, timing issues, and coordination with other musicians, they then have to be conscious of tone, volume, and emotional effects such as change in tempo and timbre. These different aspects of music are handled by different regions, using functional segregation in order to play or even listen to music. Listening to music starts with the subcortical structures, the brain stem, and the cerebellum. It then moves to the auditory cortices on both sides of the brain. Remarkably when a person is listening to music they are familiar with, additional regions are involved including the hippocampus which relates to memory and subsections of the frontal lobe. Tapping along with music, or even just thinking about the beat, involves the cerebellum’s timing circuits. Performing music, regardless of what instrument played, involves the frontal lobe for planning movements as well as motor cortex and the sensory cortex which provide feedback that the correct note was made. Recalling lyrics occupies language centers. Furthermore the brain is engaged in the emotional aspects of music and lyrics, involving additional regions.
            Although there is a whole industry in music which is based merely on finding which tempos, tones, and drum beats induce pleasure, the majority of the listeners are unaware of this. Science has proven that the more musically involved a person is, the stronger that region of their brain is. Therefore, they are more likely to pick up on it when listening to a piece of music. On the contrary, when a non-musician listens to a piece of music, they are unable to pick up on these aspects because of a weakness in that region of the brain.
            However, the ability to distinguish one instrument from another remains in most people. The sound from an instrument is actually a series of overtones played simultaneously to create a single note. The difference in frequencies of these overtones is what illustrates the difference between a trumpet and a guitar. Therefore, subconsciously, the brain is calculating the frequencies each individual overtone to determine what instrument is being played [Levitin].
            Furthermore, when a single instrument is being performed and an error is made, it is immediately brought to the listeners’ attention and taken note of. Although they might not be conscious of it, the listeners’ brain has already determined the key in which the song is being played, as well as possible chord progressions, and when a note does not fit into a chord, it is noticeable. Depending on the musical training of the person listening, sometimes they can even identify an incorrect note within a concert band or orchestra.
            Incidentally, while listening to enjoyable music, the human body reveals all the symptoms of emotional arousal. For example, the pupils in the eyes dilate, blood pressure rises, and even the electrical conductance of the skin is lowered. The speed of a composition, measured in beats per minute, coincidentally is generally about the same range as a human heart beat. Consequently, a faster song has been proven to increase pulse, and likewise a slower song relaxes the human bodies pulse. In addition, the cerebellum, the part of the brain associated with body movements becomes active, even when simply listening to music. When people listen to a melody with a strong beat, their entire spinal cord reacts to the rhythm, showing the beat patterns on the computer screens of testing machines.
            Studies have shown that while listening to music, not only is most of the brain in use, it also increases blood oxygenation levels (BOLD) in the brain. After examining recent positron emission tomography (PET) scan studies, it has been concluded that this is related to a release of dopamine in certain regions of the brain.  Dopamine is the “pleasure” hormone of the brain, released when eating chocolate, having sex, snorting cocaine, or other similar activities. In other words, music can be viewed as an addiction, that is only subdued when playing or listening to music. Various people have commented on this theory, saying that they have indeed felt that they could not live without music.
            In order to make the top ten greatest hits list, a song must be appealing to listen to. Although this seems like a simple concept, it involves provoking anticipation, surpassing expectation as well as prediction, and resolving a melodic pattern all in one song. Anticipation in music is similar to the rising action in a short story. As the anticipation is building and growing stronger, this is when the most amount of dopamine is released. But, in order to captivate the listener into the music, that sense of anticipation needs to be resolved, or else it can leave the reader feeling tense or edgy. As well, when a piece of music is resolved, it gives the brain a sense of reward, moreover causing more dopamine release. When composing his symphonies, Beethoven would save the resolution for the very last chord, causing the brain to stay engaged while waiting for that reward of the resolution.
            Generally, if a piece of music is too predictable in pattern or rhythm, it can become annoyingly boring. When music is predictable, the brain can become uninterested and inattentive. Dopamine neurons can quickly adapt to predictable rewards, therefore not becoming engaged. As a result, people do not get excited when listening to music in which there is little anticipation, and easily resolved. Many young musicians often rely on the lyrics to captivate the listener’s attention, ignoring the equally necessary progression of chords that adds to the anticipation and building that the lyrics already portray.  
            Some people claim music makes them smarter. Many parents expose classical music to young children in hopes of having a future Harvard graduate. As Donald A. Hodges, a professor of music and direct of Music Research Institute at the University of North Caroline explains, “The brain: Use it or lose it. The more education you have, the more the interconnections in the brain. Music changes the brain.” Thus when scientists have analyzed the brains of musicians and non-musicians, they have found substantial differences.
            Scientists use the term neuroplasticity to explain the brain’s ability to change and adapt as a result of training and experience. “The effects of music training suggests that, akin to physical exercise and its impact on body fitness, music is a resource that tones the brain for auditory fitness and thus requires society to re-examine the role of music in shaping individual development,”  a Northwestern University representative states after numerous tests. Scientists have been able to link musical training to enhancement of language, speech, memory, attention and even vocal emotion.

            Many people assume that the difference between musicians and non-musicians end at one plays music and the other doesn’t. Not many realize that there are actually structural differences in the brain, varying functional differences and even changed volume of gray matter. The brain, just like a muscle, can develop based on use-dependant routine. As a result, musicians have shown to have greater amounts of gray matter in motor, auditory, and visual-spatial brain regions. Functional differences of a musician’s brain have been tested through comparing professional piano players to a control group [Krings, Topper, Foltys, and Erberich]. They were instructed to perform a series of complex finger movements while their brain activity shown on functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) equipment. It showed that pianists had lower levels of cortical activation in motor areas of the brain. This concluded that less neuron needed to be activated, due to long term use in this type of practice.

            When parents spend countless hours playing classical music around the house for their toddlers, it’s good to know all that effort isn’t going to waste. A study conducted within the past few years found that playing music in the background for a group of four year old preschoolers for six months changed their brain structure substantially. The children that had experienced the music had significantly greater interhemispheric activity and range coherence than the control group. As well, these children had better intrahemispheric coherence within the left hemisphere of the brain. If a child is exposed to classical music before the age of seven, it greatly increases the size of the corpus callosum, which helps improve ability to incorporate sound patterns when learning a language [Strickland]. Musically inclined children also have an advantage in long term memory, pitch changes in speech, larger vocabulary and reading ability. 

            Some researchers say that music is an ability engrained in the matter of the brain, as old as the rocks and stones of the planet. Even though numerous studies have been conducted, there is still so much mystery behind the collection of sounds that has caused this human obsession. Scientists have been able to discover what areas of the brain are activated while listening or playing music, as well as how they can become emotionally connected to a song. Finally, one of their most important results was the change in the development of children’s brains due to exposure to music. Music changes the brain.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

It's a Challenge!

As some of you may have noticed, I have added new elements to my blog (I feel so technically for figuring out how!). I, personally, really like the fish. Did you notice you can feed them by clicking the mouse? They actually eat the food! Oh oh and I put a like button on it? Facebook is all around the web now a days... Even school? In English, we read the book Animal Farm, and as a project we had to make a "Fake Wall" thing about a character. I was the lawyer (blah, he said like two things the entire book) but I worked really hard. Wanna check it out?!?! Haha anyway, has anyone noticed anything else new to my blog? I will give you a candy! Anyone? Yes, you in the purple shirt! Not, you, the bald kid beside you. Yes. You. Oh? No, I'm pretty sure I didn't post that.... You think you're funny, don't you? What's that? Another blogs advertisement? Uhhh close enough *throwing digital candy at bald kid where purple shirt*. It's called A-Z Blogging Challenge (look down, down down, ok seriously, you know I didn't mean you're crotch. Down on the page! Jeez, some people, take me so literally -_-) What it is, is every day in April (except Sundays) I'm going to blog. Now, that would be a challenge in itself. Just to make it a little more exciting, they (as in whoever is doing this) made a rule. You're posts have to go in Alphebetical order from A-Z. That's right, every single letter of the alphabet. So cool! But, I have a tinsy little problem. April is music festival. So it's kind of really busy. But I shall do it! I'm determined. And feel free to join me on my quest for success. It's easy. Click the button. It's free (always a good thing). It should be fun. Do it! Do it! Do it! =D

Texts.... of course!

More funny stories? Ok. Well, this is my texting conversation with my buddy George.
Me: Hey.... just so you know I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning. I know you don't care but I will be there for drama and my group might freak out
George: Ok and what do you want me to do?
Me: polish my shoes and shine my coat Just in case I'm not here at the start. My appointments at 9:15 so I sure as hell better be done at 10:00!
George: K I gots it
Me: Cool. Funny story I was talking with my sister and I said coolio and cool beans or something like that and Kianna was like u sound like George and I was like maybe I am George in disguise and she was like no George would have a better disguise.
George: Haha that's so funny and true
Me: You have a better disguise of me than me?
George: Yepperes I would have thought of something more interesting than dressing up as you
Me: Haha I'm sure you would've =P
George: Hehe well of course it is the magnificent me we are talking about here
Me: Yes gather round children and bow down to the meg of all megs..... MegaMeg!
George: Sounds like megamind
Me: That was the point.... you may be awesome and leader of the world one day.... BUT I AM THE ONE WITH THE MEGAMIND!!! MWAHAHAHA
George: I don't know about that miss 67% in math mwahahaha
Me: Yeah well *************************** know a genius when she spits in his face
George: Haha I am glad I don' thave him I would sick hard core
Me: Sick hard core? Is that like puke really hard? Cause the first thing I thought of was sick him hard core whcih doesn't sound pleasant...
And we kept going on and on like that but I'm tired of typing so now I'm done =) Bye!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Friends, what would you do without them?

Ok, so the other day, one of my MANY friends (hehe) came over to my house to practice our flute duet. (That was like a normal teenage sentence and that.... turned nerdy =D)  Anyway, we were eating good food and watching TV when a Tide commercial came on (ok, it might have been a Bounce commercial, which would make more sense, but I originally thought it was Tide so I am calling it a Tide commercial) and it was all like Bar vs Sheet (or something similar.... I have a short attention span, ok?) And then at the end it had a girl from the shoulders down wearing an orange shirt. Written across the chest of the shirt was "How do you bounce?" Well, we cracked up over that one. Really? Across her boobs is written how do you bounce? Funny. Really funny.

This semester, I have language arts class (aka English for all you Americans) and I've been in it for a while now. I actually really like this teacher (surprise surprise, as some of my friends would say) and I enjoy being in Language Arts. But I have to admit, she does have excess amounts of energy and has so much passions about what she teaches. Not that that's a bad thing, but it tends to lead to rumors about her being a little bit crazy. That's not my personal opinion, but whatever.

So we are sitting in LA class and it's at the beginning, and I don't remember what she was talking about, it was something like what one of the guys said and blah blah blah I wasn't really paying attention (I know, gasp, right?) And then I hear Quinton say to the teacher "Trent says you need to be medicated." Well, that caught her attention. It was followed by the comment "He thinks you're insane" Well, although it was really entertaining (and gave me something to blog about), that is rather insulting. I was impressed at how easily she brushed it off, but honestly, that must of left a mark.

Stuff like that happens all the time in highschool. I think it must be the smaller age gap between the students and the teachers. Well, maybe not because in middle school we had a really young teacher and that did NOT go over well.... I'm still kind of surprised when students make comments like that to teachers. But also, some teachers would make that kind of a comment towards a student. Like my film and video teacher would also greet a student (named Cody Ell) with the phrase "Go to Ell, Cody". So whatever, I guess it goes both ways.

Getting back onto the friend topic, when this friend was over at my house, I asked her what she wanted to drink and she said apple juice. There was only a like half a glass left, so I gave it to her saying "There wasn't much left, so I peed in it to fill the rest" She laughed and then drank it. Afterwards she said "Even if you did pee in it, the apple juice tastes really good!" Haha that's pretty funny.

Oh and I should send a greeting out to my new followers. 3 in the past two weeks! Amazing!!! Just thought I would recognize you and I really appreciate it. Now, even though my friends blog has more viewers, I have more followers! Mwahahahaha! Spread the word about my blog!!! =D!!!!

(Now I better go, and actually do work in LA class for once. Man, Internet is so distracting!!!! Oh and just to bank on that, I went to parent teacher interviews with my grandmother last night (my parents are on holidays in the States) and my teacher was like "And even when we are working in the lab and the other students go crazy on the Internet, Jennifer is very dedicated and always gets her work done." As if! Blogging is so much more fun.)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A laugh is worth more than.... nevermind

I'm sure every one has been wondering where I have been.... just kidding! I am back yet again to give you every detail of my life that I barely care about.... just for something to do during math! =P So I am trying to be funny on my blog, which is really difficult... but I'm up for another swing at the bat. Swing at the bat? I think I need a little more sleep....

Yesterday I just got back from a ski vacation. We left over teachers convention, so I only missed one day of school awwww shucks  and am now back in math class. We went as a whole family, so mid-vacation my uncle and grandparents showed up. Now, that was absolutely fine, it just made the chair ride a little weirder.

Picture this in your head. We are sitting on a four person chair going up the mountain. I like chairs, except that it took half of an hour to get to the top of the mountain, changing chairs multiple times. So on this chair is me, my dad, my sister, and my uncle. The conversations were as follows.

Sister: Wierner balls, wiener balls wiener balls! (ok, your probably thinking my sister is liek 8, right? No, she's 13)
Me: What?
Sister: It's sounds funny. Uncle Bob told me about it.
Dad: *looks at Bob*
Uncle: Well, I had this friend that would was asking what you call it when you cut up hot dogs and put them in macroni. It makes wiener balls. And that just sounds funny. So he made a song about it.
Dad: Does this guy have a life?
Uncle: He was the bass player in Barage (a band my uncle was in)
Dad: Oh, he's a musician. That explains everything.
Sister: Sing the song for us!
Uncle: Wiener balls, wiener balls
           Everbody loves, wiener balls
           Put 'em in a frying pan, fry them up
           Eat them with, some ketchup.
Me: Wow.

So yeah. We had a lot of conversations like that. I keep trying to remember, but it's really hard. I keep thinking "come on, I need something to blog about!" but that doesn't really work either.

Oh I finished my film and video project today! It was basically a stop motion video, so you can only use photos, not video. It took a really long time though, because you would have to move a little, stop, take a photo. Move a little, stop, take a photo. I would LOVE to post it here, but first of all, it's a video of me, and second of all, that's a little personal for random people on the web to look at. Now, since we are the first group done (the only group that actually DID something) we are now starting on our commercial. Tossing about a few ideas, I decided to get my viewers opinion.

Underwater Pogo Stick: It's an actual product (look it up!) But I would like to just take a regular pogostick and bounce it underwater. How do I do that? Well we have a green screen and a very talented friend (Amy) who might be able make it work. Or, if all else fails, I have a little tiny hard plastic backyard pool that could never pass for "underwater", but it might be entertaining watching me attempt.

Toilet Tunes: Everytime you flush, it makes a different sound! There is such thing for this one too, don't get me wrong. My project friend person was like "It would make you work harder!" hahahaha soooo funny

iPad: Now, this one would be kind of awkward and more than embarassing to film something for, but found it on the internet.

Thought it was pretty funny.  Ok, I better leave it at that, math class is almost over did I really say that out loud? Adios, Amigos!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gettin beat up again...

I have had such a busy week/weekend! I can't wait until a time when I can just relax.... May maybe. Ha! That sounds funny! May...... maybe. Hehe. Sorry I'm reaaaaaly tired. Update on the math thing... probably a no-go because I have been doing really bad on all my assignments because I hate using word. I could explain my entire life in numbers, but no, they require words in math class. Shoot. My purpose of life is over. Anyway, I have been reading other blogs that are so funny, and sitting there in math class trying not to laugh at the most hilarious things these people are saying and I had a lightbulb turn on.... I should write like that! So, here is my attempt at trying to make you laugh.

I had a basketball tournement this weekend. It was basically like zones, right? So we are competing against school smaller than us, but you know we lost all our good players (well, not ALL of them...) so we kind of suck. Anyway, it was the last game of the night (our 3rd game that day) and it was really late and we were playing for the gold. I had 4 fouls, right and 5 you get kick out of the game I'm kind of an obnoxious person. Now, the rule is, if your feet are planted and someone hits you, its their foul, but if you move your feet, it's your foul. Now, I'm point guard on my team. It's my responsiblity to step up to the plate and stop the ball, right? Well, I tried. This girl was sprinting down the court with the ball and I stopped right in front of her and KABAM I hit the floor. Ouch. That hurt. I truly didn't want to get up, just lay there and die. It hurt so much, being thrown through the air and slammed down. I've been trying to gain weight so I don't get bounced around so much, but even 10lbs more still gets me bounced like a bouncy ball. ok that was my attempt at being funny. Oh well I tried.

Ok, that was so not funny, let me try again.

So, I couple weeks ago, Rosanne and I went skating. And there was this guy there... =P He was kind of old, like late 20's I think, and not the cutest button on a shirt but... keep reading. Anyway, I was watching him watching Rosanne (does that make me creepy) as she was figure skating around everywhere. Then we stopped for a break and he came up and was like "can you teach me any easy figure skating move" and she was just like "I'm not a very good teacher" and left it at that. Now, the enitre time in my head I'm going Ok, either he is gay or trying to hit on her.... he's asking her to teach him Figure Skating moves! So, later, I was so tired so I quit early and was taking off my skate. Sure enough, I hear here laughing and look up an she's talking to this guy. Cute, eh? She just keeps saying "What? I like making new friends". But she doesn't know his name. Hehe funny! Appherently, he used to go to the same school as us, and kept asking stuff like "Is that old fag of an English teacher still there?"

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Curling? For Real?

Ok, now everybody thinks I only blog in math class. NOT TRUE! I'm in LA this time... hehe. Well it's a snow day, so appherently (as I just learned today) all the teachers are forced to mark everyone present. So, after lunch (or as soon as the idiots in the school realize it's a snow day) everyone leaves. Not me! I stay here. Why? Becuase I love school and everything about it and wish I could stay here all day long and I don't have a ride home and it takes me 17 minutes to walk.... -_-  And this morning in math, my gym teacher came in and was like "who wants to go curling?" and I was like "Me! I love curling!" But, first of all, I'm in jeans and it is really uncomfortable when you slide.... yeah.... Plus, I had to curl with/against the gym teacher.... and not to talk smack or anything, but he is not exactly the nicest person to be around. My friend kept saying the whole time "he's so sexist" which I guess maybe a little. He has this attitude that if you're not a guy that is ripped or a girl that is like amazing at basketball or something, than you're at a lower level than he is. And of course, I curl twice a week right? So I ain't half bad... anyway so he was teasing me he was like "stop throwing guards you don't need that at this level (aka no one know anything about curling)" and in my head "Well it's not my fault this ice is rigged" Which it was, it was way less keen than all the other sheets. And he kept say "a little more weight, eh Jen" and I just wanted to say "Ok, mister All Star, I happen to skip a juvenille team (highschool) and am third on a ladies league team. So you know, just leave me alone". Then, next period I was like YESSSSS GYM!!! Shit we are going curling. He was like "what are you doing here?" I have gym.... walk of shame. I should probably go, my LA teacher is standing right behind me.... Just kidding she thinks I'm working really hard because I'm typing at like 50 wpm.... hehe I love snow days!

Look! I'm being all computer geeky!

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