Thursday, October 11, 2012


Hey guys. I'm back.

Mostly because I missed blogging.

A little bit because I seem to end up here whenever I'm trying to write essays. (I also tried to spell "essays" like "essaies" which is extremely ironically the verb to try in French which I also should be studying...)

Can I share? This is the start of an assignment for my Social 20-1 Class.... Feel free to opinionate on me :)

Revolutions develop a sense of nationalism by expanding on a collective consciousness shared by the people. In the example of the French Revolution, the collective consciousness was found within the people of the third estate, the lowest level in the three-class system in France. Similarly, the American Revolution consisted of the thirteen North American colonies amalgamating together to stand against and break free from the British Empire. In both examples, the revolutionaries were united through common values such as religious, political, linguistic, or social factors. Occurring during the Age of Enlightenment, each factor had a specific role in the development of nationalism in both the French and the American Revolutions.

                The definition of The Enlightenment (as par with Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary) is “An 18th century philosophical movement stressing the importance of reason and the critical reappraisal of existing ideas and social institutions, bringing about many humanitarian reforms.” Beginning with the reformations of views in areas such as science, philosophy, and politics, these new ideas swept through the societies across Europe and into North America. Memorably, The Enlightenment of the French Revolution culminated during its ideals of freedom and equality for all, founded upon the principles of humanitarian reasoning, appearing also in America with the United States Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Politically, it can be distinguished by the underlying emphasis on liberty, democracy, and republicanism, and to rid the governing powers of religious intolerance.
Yep. That's it. It's been like three hours..... Yesterday my teacher complimented me on how hard I had worked, and that she was impressed. I carefully pointed out I had written two and a half sentences in class of 1.5 hours. But on the whole I am impressed with myself. Except I am worried that although I able going to write a fantastic essay, she is more interested in the video (oh yeah, group project... did I forget to mention that? I claimed the writing part and then preceded to ignore them).
I miss blogging. I have a feeling you will be seeing a lot more of me now. But I must sign off because I have to be at school in seven hours and thirty minutes, and sleep is actually sounding appetizing tonight :)

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