Monday, June 13, 2011

And then I met my husband

I just wanted to confuse you with the title. Actually, I'm kidding it does have something to do with what I'm going to talk about.

Yes. I'm in high school.

NO! I'm not married! You sick pervert!

Naw, you know, it was just an average Monday.


In English class, we were talking about Shakespeare. I know. I could barely breath I was so excited. And... oh wait I guess I have to give you an idea about my English teacher.

She's a newbie (well not that new... just rather young) and is one of those types of personalities that gets excited about English. I never would've guessed an English teacher would get excited. About something as boring as English. Coming from the me, who spends her Monday evenings blogging, I guess you can chose whether or not to actually listen to me rant about English.

Anyway going on. She's also blonde. Not that that should matter, but it does. Idk why. I don't care now, but at the beginning of the semester I was a little skeptic.

So, she was going on and on about "way back then" going to see a play was like now a days going to see a movie. Then she started to go on about how when she was young she would watch romantic movies all the time and her and her friends would day dream about true love and knights in shining armour. She concluded her rant by staying "And then I met my husband."

So I turn to my friend beside me and say....

wait for it

this is the punch line for the entire story

I'm pretty sure she's married to an accountant.

Ok, maybe you don't think that's funny. Maybe you had to be there. But I thought it was funny! Ahhh LA is so much better with my own commentary.

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