Sunday, January 2, 2011

How ARE you?

This post will be dedicated to my ranting and raving about mindless questions. I HATE them. With a passion! Ok, if you beg to differ, explain to me why if you are walking down a hallway you would say "How are you" to someone you barely know? And how are you expected to reply? "Good and how are you?" Now, the oddball might reply with fine or great or I'm doing well... but what happens if that's not really the case. Odds are, the person who asked you doesn't really have the time to listen to the reasons why your feeling horrible, but if you reply with horrible, they will feel obliged to further inquire. (I put my school brain back on!). And then there is the genuine how are you question, in which they do have the time and interest to hear the full response. How can you tell the difference? Situation I guess... but here is where unaware people get criticized if they explain there life tragedies at a simple question. Variations of this question include how's life or the more common how's life treating you? Take note, How are you feeling? is a completely different question all together. Ok, that's all the energy I have time for today. Ranting and raving is exhausting! Being a critic would be so tiresome. Until next time, TTFN!

Yes I'm quoting Winnie the Pooh. And for you non-Winnie the Poohers, that's means ta ta for now! A-duh!

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