Saturday, November 17, 2012

Kill your brother , he doesn't deserve to live!

"Kill your brother, he doesn't deserve to live!"

That's the background conversation I'm hearing from Rosanne.

"Dude your drunk. Don't stay in the hotel with him. Noooo!"

"Was he weak in the knees?"

*Random Japanese*

.....Busted. She just read what I was typing.

"Omg, he's ontop of him. Disgusting. Then he stabs him. And he starts crying. No! You were suppose to kiss the other guy!"

Well that escalated quickly.

Hey everyone! Obviously I'm not alone on this end of the keyboard. Rosanne is reading a manga outloud. Well not really, she is just giving commentary on the important parts.

Alright she just told me off for blogging about her. So now on to the actual topic.

One of my favourite customers came into work again today (Erskine Grill - flipping burgers...) Like most of the guys that come in, he is some lonely old bachelor that likes the company of the girls that work in the store. Thankfully, unlike some of the others, he doesn't try to hit on me. His name is Al, and I can always recognize him because he is missing most of his left hand.

Whenever I ask him how he is doing, he always replies "I am extremely happy."

One day, after giving such response, he added "... you know I'm not actually extremely happy all the time, that's just my response"

And so I told him that it was the favourite part of my day, because the more you say it, the easier it is to believe it yourself.

Another one of my favourite customers is a heavy smoker. And every weekend he comes all joyous and asks for two packs of cigarettes. So one day I told him that it was painful for me to sell such a horrible drug to such a wonderful person. His response was something along the lines of "well it's a good thing you're cute."

You know, I love getting to know the regulars.But it's hard when I only work Saturday-Sunday. And this might sound weird, but I don't even mind when they hit on me. If they get too persistant, I just explain that I have a girlfriend :P


AlexisAR said...

I like your response to being hit upon.

My grandparents [dead since before i was born] used to own a small bar, which my grandma managed while my grandfather flew commercially for [I think] Northwest Airlines. My mom said her mom told her the whole operation caused her major cognitive dissonance because her best customers drank too much, which was not good for them, but it was their excessive drinking that made them her best customers. Your friend's situation with the guy who purchased cigarettes caused me to remember that.

Joan Ark said...

I love your blog!

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