Saturday, August 27, 2011

Aunty Who???

Yay!!! I'm back! I promised to be back a long time ago.... but now I am!
this is the picture she picked
out of herself....
Would you like to meet my Aunt? Of course you would! She is here being my spell checker! Please note that I cannot spell, I use spell checker. (Note, this keyboard sucks!)

If you didn't clue in, she is going to be adding her comments in bold! How creative! Fine-I won't use BOLD if that's OK with Y'all.  I will use the always creative underline!!

Ok a few questions for you. Where are you from? Tough one.  Let's see.... (as she sighs a huge sigh) Do I mention God now or later?  Hmmmm?? Really...let's just say I'm from Edmonton, Alberta (for your non-geog buffs)


Ok. So you are visiting me and my family for a while.... what do you do around here? Well, first...

Mwahahaha she ran away to get reading glasses! I have the keyboard to myself!

So I shall introduce her a bit more. She is the twin sister of my father! Yes.... identical -_-

Back to the question. What do you do around here? Ahhhhh!!!!-Can't leave her for one minute without her running amok (look it up).Back to my comments.... hmmm.....First, it's my family too.. as \i can prove...see her note on the Twin thang!  Note: keyboard still sucks so \i will not be correcting my \i.  Live with it!  On the twin deal... identical? as much as a penguin is identical to a giraffe.   I am the penguin)  Wait.. what was the question? What do \i do around here?...I ....hmm...weed.. OH! not that know grass.... OH not that kind either.  OKAY, so, I like to garden and J's mom has not had time to pull out the bad plants (called weeding).  I am not going to comment on the judgemental nature of bad vs good plants.  See God reference above).  Done.

Took you long enough!

Not much to respond to... hmm... I could sing you a song

Give me that keyboard back! I've had enough of your....

What was that? Some/////////She stole the laptop and pretended to be me.  What is this?  I am speechless.

(in reference to comments from my Uncle) I am peachless.


That was her! She wasn't underlined!!!!! Pretending to be me! How dare she!

She dares she double dares!!.  What is this world coming to....I was going to say that we had a good laugh all round.. \(J says the farm)  Moo Moo cluck!

Ok time to sign off. My Aunt has to go weed. (Weeding godd vs evil )  Amen!  Great typo, eh?


Megan (Best of Fates) said...

You and your aunt are hilarious!

Sandra said...

I really hope that was a real person doing this with you, it was hilarious, you two could take this act on the road!

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