Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Suicide Note.

(If the title scared you calm down..... and read on! I would like to point out I successfully got your attention! But I manipulated the topic.... ahh I'm going to hell anyway)

Dear blogging world, it has been so long! Even google has changed the set up, and won't let me back in to the comfort of it's familiarness...

I took a break from blogger, but now I am back, more mature and read to entertain you with needless, boring details of my life.

My current situation? Its..... 2:26 AM and I am sitting in our fish bowl of a deck, on my oh-so-not deserted blogger account. Moments ago, I heard a crack behind me, and whipped my head around to look through the glass doors.... only to discover that *when you are in a room that is light and look through a window into the night* YOU CAN SEE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!

So I will type my final words to you as the murder outside loads his pistol and uses a bobbypin from his dreadlocks to pick the lock. Oh the joy.

Anyway, I have been speculating why a 15 year old girl is awake at this time in the morning (and no Rosanne, it is not just because I have internet!). Well you see, my clever doctors have been switching my meds around, coincidentally at the same relative time I had my wisdom teeth removed. Apparently combining Celesta, Prozac, and T3's gives you random bursts of energy in the middle of the night! It has been helping with my lack of ambition though.... 5 more English essays and a French project left to go! Oh and another reason would probably be this is like.... the happiest I have been in months and I don't want to waste it by sleeping!

If there is actually a murder outside, would this be a suicide note? Because I'm not bother to do anything about it....

Food for thought.

Speaking of food for thought! You should check out my social activism project! Yes! Charge, my minions!

That's about all I have to say, hopefully I will be inspired enough to come back. Help me out? Talk to me guys.

Bis bald! (Oh btw I took up German.... blah -_-)

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