Thursday, June 7, 2012

Why the hell do I blog?

Why the hell do I blog?

That's an interesting question, you see. My sister thinks it just a public diary.... which it sorta is. I could never keep a diary though, because "nobody is suppose to read it".

I like to share my thoughts. I like to write without anyone expecting it to be any good. It's basically I type my exact thought patterns to a random place on the internet.

My blog is a mess right now. What evs.

I could actually make this post about something. But my brain is worn out. And I'm not here to impress anyone.

Oh oh oh the newest word in my vocabulary? Totalitarianism (I think that was it). In social studies of course.

Next thought bubble: So we are talking about human trafficking. And sex trafficking. Which is scary stuff. Why? Like smartin the fuck up world! Who lets this happen? I thought we are getting more civilized.

My mom told me that she suspects the neighbors marriage was a "male order bride" type situation. She and her daughter are from New Zealand, and she is quite a bit younger than he is. Currently, she is the only one earning income and I suspect she does the house work as well. Scary stuff.

That's really all the energy I have to talk about it, but I will let you know more as I'm learning about it! I can't believe I spend my life on the internet and the fact that there are more slaves now then ever has never even crossed my mind!

Sorry for the morbid topic, but it's nice to be informed of this terribleness once in a while. Makes you human.

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