Monday, June 6, 2011

More Havoc.... AHHHHH Day 59

AHHH I'm almost up to two months!!! NO!!!!! oh well.... I suck at stuff like this...

Well I was going to post about how bored I have been in math class and I make drawings like this...

Yep... not that I can draw or anything...
Here I am displaying a stick man
jumping a Christmas tree, a stick
man waving through a door, the
view that I had (the red is my hair,
the green is my legs) and something

Ok I have to explain something first. My TA (teacher advisory) teacher is the cosmo teacher. So she's pretty cool. Now we have this thing called flex where you have half an hour in the middle of the day to do whatever you want. But you have to tell your TA where you're going. But my TA is so cool that instead of actually telling her I text her. So yes, she has my number and I have her's. It's not actually that creepy...

ANYWAY so I get this phone call from her and she's like "I need your help my sister's kids are here and they need a babysitter because we are going to grad." 

Now inside my head I was like "oh crap I've really never babysat anyone before but I don't really want to say no because you know it's like my teacher and obviously they're freakin cause it's last minute"

But I said: "Ok sure" what the hProxy-Connection: keep-alive
Cache-Control: max-age=0

l right? I'm smart enough, it's like problem solving. I'm good at that.

Yep, I will just keep telling myself I'm smart I will figure it out
^^^That isn't me being narcissistic, it's me trying to have

Anyway, I had 3 kids to take care of. A six year old, a three year old, and a 5 month old. Oh my freakin god. Now when my teacher was picking me up she was all like "when Anna said you were a good babysitter"

Anna's kid is 10. I'm fantastic with 10 year olds. I didn't tell here that was the only babysitting I had ever done.

Oh well. I'm smart, I will figure it out.

Did I mention that the kids grandma is also a teacher in the school? I really didn't want to screw up.

I get there and everyone was running around doing last minute preparations for grad and every time I touched the freakin baby he cried and I was embarrassed and they were probably thinkin "what the hell are we doing leaving the kids with this girl?" but luckily the grandpa was planning on staying home anyway so if the kids were screaming to much he would come down for backup.

Image from here
So as soon as everyone left he scooped the baby for like 30 min cause I was overwhelmed and then I just played with the kids. Then he came back down and I figured everything out. I was just so scared that the baby was gonna shit and then I would have to try and figure out how to change a diaper... Not really what I wanted to experiment with. Especially with other little kids running around.

So I was doing fine until it was time to get the kids out of the bath tub. The problem was every time I tried to put the baby down in his rocker seat thingy (what the hell do you call that?) he would cry. Now I know crying is suppose to mean something, but then when I picked him up and shoved a soother in his mouth he would shut up. So then I told the kids to get dressed and I couldn't really help them cause I was holding the baby. Whatever they were self-sufficient. ish.

Now it was getting late, so I was going to read the kids each a story and then they could go to sleep right? Well, it happened that at that same time the baby needed to be feed. This is where the havoc was, because the baby kept crying and bottle was leaking and that kids both wanted a story so I was trying to read "Morton the Magician" which has small print and lots a writing, so I was making it up because I didn't really have the patience to read the entire book. Oh and the girl had to hold it for me cause I don't have enough hands. Then I actually read the other book because it had like 6 sentences.

Image from here

Then I sent the six year old girl to the bedroom where she was going to sleep and the boy was suppose to sleep on the couch. But the girl was in tears because she couldn't sleep without her stuffy and the boy was crying because he missed his nana and the baby was crying because I was still trying to feed him. So my problem solving skills included sending the boy off to the bed room so they wouldn't be so lonely. Well, that wasn't really my idea, it was the little girls but I will take credit for it. After telling them to be quiet like 4 times they fell asleep. I carried the baby around for like 10 mins, then I finally clued in that if I put him in his bed then he would fall asleep. I know, I'm not too bright at these things.

So I felt bad about what a horrible job I did taking care of the kids so I started to clean up. Who doesn't like to come home to a clean house, right? When I would babysit Anna's kid I would always wash the dishes in the sink. After a while I began to think she would leave dishes in the sink just for me.... anyway all the toys were cleaned up and the water in the bathroom and all that stuff so I decided to dry off the Lego blocks they were playing with in the tub. So I'm doing that and then the person comes home and she's like "don't worry about washing blocks"

Cause that's what it looks like I'm doing. Washing the freakin toys.

So I tried to explain to her that they were using them in the tub and I was just trying them, not washing them.

Oh well, it's a little more cash in my pocket and I didn't embarrass myself too much.

I don't think so anyway.

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