Sunday, May 1, 2011

Is this ok? Day 31

So I failed the 30 Day A-Z Blogging Challenge. Why? Because I didn't make it to Z. I was on H. BUT!!! I am not a quitter! So I will keep going until I reach the end! Bear with me, I am on I. (HAHAHA that sentence is so screwed up.)

Now would be a good time to welcome all my new followers! I have 22! I am soooooo excited! =D You guys make my day! Lots did indeed come from the A-Z Blogging challenge (which makes me feel guilty...). I will have you know that I did visit other peoples blogs too! Especially my new minions followers. I as well met some new friends and followed some new blogs.

I should probably tell you about all the excuses I have been brainstorming for why I didn't finish the challenge. ............................................................... ok I will

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1. I'm lazy: When I got home from school, or badminton, or track, or piano, and logged onto my laptop, I didn't blog. I am still a recoverying Facebook addict, as well as being newly addicted to online pool tournaments (I know, embarassing). Then I would be kicked off my computer to do something... well more productive.

2. I've had a piano tied to my leg: My life has been about piano! Whether it was grand piano shopping (I fell in love with this piano, too bad its $30,000), or performing (Like everywhere!), or practicing (Grade 7 RCM and Harmony Grade 3) I have had no time for the internet! Good news: I GOT RECCOMMENDED FOR PROVINCIALS AT MY FESTIVAL!!!! OH EM GEE!!!!!! Plus at this other festival in the city I got 3 firsts and a second! WOOOO HOOOOO!!!! I  know, it would have been nice to put 4 firsts, but.... the guy who beat me had some kind of autism. Which, actually made him really good.... haha

3. We switched math teachers: Therefore switched classrooms. Therefore no computer sitting 30cm in front of me. I mean, the odd time.... or during other classes, but not a reliable morning spent blogging. (Don't judge me! I happen to do very well in math. Even without paying attention =P)

Is that enough reasons for you? Or am I just boring you trying to make excuses for myself? I don't know, I can't read your mind. Especially through the computer. Maybe if I could see you. I am testing out my new found superpowers. Beware!

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Anonymous said...

Too bad you can't enjoy bolgging in math. I liked criticising you for it. LOL

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