Sunday, May 22, 2011

Long Weekend!!!! Day 52

Day 52 sounds really bad.... I'm still trying though! That's what counts... I think?

I'm SOOO sorry for now posting, how inconsiderate of me! Well, I kept pulling up my blog and looking at stats and comments, and then reading others blogs... (cough cough go check out Absolutely Narcissism =P) If you dare.... hehehe.

So my new favourite class is Language Arts. I know, gasp, the person that blogs for hours likes English. Imagine that! Ok, well it's not exactly the class itself. Don't get me wrong, it's cool, but it's the people in it!

An average conversation:

Teacher: Ok, let's brainstorm. Give me a random situation.
Student: The killer whales escaped from Sea World!

..... Wtf? Try imagining that. I dare you. It takes most people a minute I understand.




See? Hahahahaha

Or some random guy shouted out "I wanna be a pinata!!! No no no wait I mean uhhh I mean I want to have a pinata!"

So we shall beat that guy with sticks. Just kidding! ahaha I wish.

Oh by the way this is the same class where a student told the teacher TO HER FACE that she needed to be medicated.

You get my drift?


Ok.... so now this post is getting kind of random.

Just a bit.


My brain is in a mental  stall.


That's me

Unable to write anything worth reading...

But look! I tricked you! You're reading it!!!

OK QUICK QUESTION!!!! Is anyone else like this?

Scenario #1: I get, like, 6 hours of sleep: really tired.

Scenario #2: I get, like, 14 hours of sleep: really tired.

I don't get it. Anyway, here's a video for you guys that kinda describes my blog. Maybe I will change the way I say things.... Ya know? =P Oh btw I stole this from my LA teachers blog. I know. Cool right?

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Nads said...

I love this post.. I must admit that I speak like that most of the time and my father always mocks our generation for speaking this way. The video made me giggle a little because we hardly notice that we're actually doing that. Great post:)

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