Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just Kidding! Day 33

Day 33 of my 30 Day Blogging Challenge! Woot Woot!


So yesterday it was PD Monday (ya know that day in school where they let you out early so they can have a meeting, and then don't start until we normally get out anyway) so I had an hour to kill before track. So I decided to go hang out with my bud <insert crazy name here> Corey. Now, the whole point of the story is she recently signed up for rugby which was actually really surprising. She is the girl that just learned how to talk instead of smile all the time and won the award for most courteous. Here's my story.

Corey: Do you always stalk me when I go home.
Me: Yeah most of the time
Corey: Well be quiet I have to phone my mother.
*Ring Ring, Ring Ring*
Corey: Hello?
Corey: (gets off phone) You're just soooo mature.
Me: I know, it's a gift.

Anyway we were going to her house to get her mouth guard for rugby practice.

C: Aren't you suppose to boil it first?
Me: I don't know, my dentist made my so it actually fits around my teeth (oh btw I play basketball, not rugby. FUNNY STORY!!! My dad asked me if I wanted to wear my mouth guard while I cross-country ran. Ya know, in case some girl got mad at me and punched me or something... hehehe)

C: Read the instructions
Me: Step number one, bring water to boil... yep apparently you boil it!
C: Thanx tips
Me: It says in a pan, not a pot!
C: Whatever...
C: (muffled)  wohsdfdsaoj lfdsfdso
Me: (reading instructions) Bite down firmly for 20 seconds, while pressing the mouthguard into the gums.
*Phone rings*

*Look at each other with huge eyes*

Me: Do you want me to answer it?
C: jfkdasljfdlksajfdsk;la!!!!
Me: Ok.... "Hello Smith residence"
Person on phone: Send me the email.
Me: Who is this?
Person: Did you send me the email?
C: (ripping mouthguard out of her mouth guard out of her mouth and fumbling for them phone) I haven't yet but I will!
Me: ??????

So that's my life. Average day. Laughing at my friend gagging over a mouthguard. JUST KIDDING!!! (actually that really happened.... hahaha)

Thanks for reading!!!!

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Anonymous said...

IF they were talking about an email and she is the courtous girl then be concerned about what was in the email. LOL

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