Saturday, December 11, 2010

Forced habits????

     Ok, so, this is about maturity (somewhat). Half the time, I think younger kids are more mature than older kids. I was sitting on the bus this morning, and there was frost on the windows. The kindergartners and the grade one-ers were busy making hearts and writing I love you in mirrored image so people on the outside could read it. While, as you moved farther back in the bus, the messages started getting worse. A few were stuff like "Levi is Gay" or "Billy likes dick" or whatever. Honestly, I would rather read I love you than messages like that. But all teenagers were like that... right? Once a kid. I think it's like one of those really messed up transition phases.
    Ok, I know you are either killing yourself laughing or being completely lost at that last paragraph. But to finish the topic, I have to tell you the most horrific news. Ok, you remember me talking about the little kindergartners on my bus? Well they are like my best friends. The one that is my favourite though, her name is Chloe. She is 6 years old and has flowing blonde hair. Now, whenever I am on the bus, she always sits beside me and we listen to my ipod together (now, don't get horrified, my ipod is completely swear-free and all christian music!!). Then one day, she brought her ipod and insisted we listen to it. It was one of the really old nanos with no screen. So were were listening, and at first it was stuff like crazy frog and "i like to move it move it" and stuff. But then there were a lot of songs that weren't. I started listening to the words of those songs, and in ever song, within the first verse there was something that offended me. It was full of niggers and bitches and whores. I had asked her where she had got this music and she explained it used to be her brothers ipod, and other than the fact that she didn't particularly like the songs, she saw nothing wrong with it. So here is this 6 year old girl, learning her manners from songs that I would be embarrassed being caught listening to. Now, thinking about this, I was trying to find out who her brother was. The only brother of her I know of is in Grade 4. That's right, 9 year old. Now, I don't even want to know where HE got that music, but I just wanted to point out, that some kids learn there habits from that stuff that happened when they were little. It might seem perfectly normal to them.
     Now, to change the topic I little, I have another "theory" I would like to share. So, over the years of going to school with the same people, you learn quite a bit. Now, I have to admit, some of my peers aren't the best people in the world. I mean, they are into some pretty bad things. But after being friends with them for a while, I would argue it's not their fault. They have told me stories of when they were as young as 7, being offered a smoke. Or by the time they were 10 they were drinking at home. Ok, you might not get the point yet. How many of the people in the world, do you think, have the same religion as their parents? A lot, right? That's probably because as a kid, they were told that the religion was what was right and their parents probably took them to church or other forms of religious practice. So, now, relate that to something like drugs. If you grew up at home and were told that this was right and your parents even offered you a smoke, you would probably believe them. It's not only the parents, it's the family friends, siblings, siblings friends, and soon their friends. So, with that explanation, how can you possible say that it's their fault? Just some food for thought. Ok I better go now, this post is getting quite long.... LATER MY DEDICATED VIEWERS!!!

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