Friday, December 31, 2010

Will you be mine?

Ok, in this particular post I am going to be writing to you as a typical grade nine student. I know shock right? Well, scratch that, it's still not true. I am still not typical =P. But anyway, if you have been following any of my friends blogs, you will know that a recent topic was "Love". Now, for some high school students love must be very important. But it really doesn't mean anything to me. Well, in the boyfriend/girlfriend way. What's the point? I remember a time in Grade 5... *flashback* I walked into the bathroom, and here was this girl bawling her eyes out cause her boyfriend broke up with her. I truly wanted to just shake some sense into her!!! Urgh! The first reason, she's 10. Second of all, she dated this guy for like a week and the most they ever did was say hello to each other in the halls. Thirdly, it was like her 4th boyfriend of the month. GET REAL! So, throughout middle school, the amount of dating couples has grown. And they would actually hang out once in a while! Gasp! In grade 8 it kind of slowed because we were the top of the food chain and according to all the girls the guys were not hot and all the guys thought the girls were biotchs. But now the dreaded time has come. Highschool. And some of the stuff that happens... wow. Personally, I like going to highschool to learn and develop skills and make new friends and stuff like that but I realize that may not be the case for others. I was shock, when I saw several girls texting/flirting with guys in grade 12. Some of them were even dating! (Blaaaaaah!!! Disgusting!) Now, I'm not up to date on my laws, but I think there might be a possibility it is illegal to date someone 4 years younger than you. Maybe not BUT IT'S STILL MORALLY WRONG!!
     Another thing about dating, I don't think anyone should feel forced or peer pressured to date. Maybe, your just not ready or not interested or whatever it is, it`s better to wait. Dating's original purpose was to find out if you want to marry them or not. In highschool, that`s not the case but it should be kept in mind anyway. Just some food for thought everybody!! Signing off, Jen

(Oh and one last thing, I have a pet peeve when people just throw around the words I LOVE YOU. Those are pretty powerful words and you shouldn't say them to someone who you just met or get mad when someone doesn't return them)

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