Friday, December 3, 2010

My IQ is what?!?!?!

Ok sorry my dedicated viewers for not blogging. First of all, I have been SUPER busy cause, well, you know high school and everything.... But I have so much to talk about!!!! But I can't post more than one post a day or you will all get bored and stop reading.... so yeah. But my current topic..... (drum roll) INTELLIGENCE!!!!!! (yeah yeah I know, that's not exactly "IQ", but I had to title it something to make you read it!!!
     Ok, so this is going to be a really deep topic (he he) ok maybe not but I have such a strong opinion. So, I have been told most my life that I'm smart right. Classic characteristics too, high averages, nerdy, nasal sounding voice, teachers pet.... yeah all of the above. That's me. But don't judge me =P. So, I believed it. You know the saying if your told everyday your stupid, you will believe it. Yeah well that applies here. But opposite. And then ONE TIME I was having an argument with one of my friends about it, and she told me to my face that I was just average, and I only had good marks because I worked hard. Ouch. And that sentence has affected the way I looked at myself for the past two years. One sentence made that huge impact on my life. Do you know why? I believed it. That's all it takes. After that, even though some of my friends would always tell me differently (cough cough *Rosanne*) I still couldn't correct that mistake. It wasn't until this year that I have actually accepted that I am smarter, I guess, than average. In science (uhh I have already talked soooo much about my amazing teacher!!! =P) but we have been playing this game thing of giving each other compliments. At least in my opinion. But it feels so great to get a test back (like a  unit final with a BIG FAT ONE HUNDRED PERCENT ON IT!!!!!!!) with a comment about how the quality and value of my education is so impressive. When someone you looks up to gives you a comment like that, it's a real eye-opener. I think when my friend originally said that, it was out of jealousy. But she has lots of other things to be proud of. My education is mine, and just because everyone is required to have it, doesn't mean that I can't be proud of mine.
     So, if your reading this, and you have never been on honour roll or hate school or whatever, that's ok. I think there are different kinds of intelligence. Such as logic, street sense, humour, quick thinking, learning and so on. You are absolutely NOT stupid, just because you don't have all of the above. Neither do I! Play sports takes smarts. Music takes smarts. Ability to communicate and talk to people takes smarts. Just because your average isn't 95%, doesn't mean your not as smart as the rest of us.
     One last thing (I promise!). When I get to heaven (I kind of excited...) on thing I am going to ask God is how he decides who gets what. Like, how does he decides who are going to be the zitty, not so bright outsiders in the school? Or why do some kids get to be athletic, smart, hot, popular, rich, and the list goes on? It makes me think of games when they give you like 50 points and you get to decide how much of it is smarts, looks, popularity, etc. My personal belief is if you have all those qualities, maybe it's balanced with like a bad family life or something. Ok, now I am going to mention a couple people in code, so if you want the code ask me IN PERSON. So there is this girl Ibjkfjhi (hahahaha that's funny!) ok she is like super smart, but her parents are divorced and she lives with all these little step-siblings. And then Ojdl (hahahaha) has everything. But I think his parents are hiding alot and he whenever his parents are brought up he gets irritated. But those were just examples. Now I better stop there cause this is a REALLY long post!!! See ya later my wonderful followers!! I appreciate it!

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