Saturday, December 4, 2010

Negative Energy

     Today I am going to rant and rave about negative energy/hating people. I am sure that there it at least one person on earth that you really really don't like. So, what's it like to be around that person? Come on, I know you know!!! Ok for those of you saints out there, I will describe it. It's one of those things where just seeing that person puts you in a bad mood. If it's bad enough, even thinking about seeing that person ruins your moment (or writing for that matter..... blah) Well this year, I finally stopped having to talk to this person (now named Miley... haha that actually fits) but then she has to do something stupid and show up at our basketball tryouts. Wow. And that whole time, it was bad. I couldn't stand being in the same room. And I have to survive another one on Tuesday. Stupid Miley (friend: *elbows me* me: what was that for? friend: be nice me: I can't!!! she's such a ditz friend: I actually kind of like her me: ..... -_-) Ok, so yeah, that's like the first time I have actually talked about my life without having much to do..... ok wait it does have something to do!!!!
    So, now I am going to feebly try and explain how to deal with your negative energy. First of all, try to not put yourself in that position in the first place. But if it is unavoidable, then you will have to follow some tips. So, if you hate that person so much, it's pretty likely she's not so fond of you either. But the NUMBER ONE THING TO REMEMBER IS don't do anything just to piss them off. I know it is sooo very tempting, but a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself before "why exactly would I say/do that?" and if the answer is to make them mad then don't to it!!!! Another thing to remember is keep the contact to a minimum. Or make sure you are with a group of people so you don't have to talk. That's also a good one. Negative energy, at least I find, is something that is really hard to deal with. It will come and go, but you just gotta push through and try not to let it make you upset. Don't cry over spilled milk, or don't lose sleep over something not worth it. Oh and one last thing, try not to make enemies, because the more you have, the more negative you are. And I found this poem in the printer at school, and I thought it was quite fitting: 
Hatred it like a rainbow, it never ends.
It's the madness of the heart.
It flows through everyone.
You cannot hate others, without hating yourself.
Why waste your time hating someone when they don't care?
Petty glares, and snooty faces.
All just a waste of time.
Why make the effort to hate someone,
When you can just pretend they're not there?
Hate is pointless, so get over it already.

And one last shout out to my viewers, thanx so much for reading! I really appreciate the amount of people and hope you all enjoy it!! Feel free to leave a comment if you have any suggestions or questions. 

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