Friday, December 31, 2010

Will you be mine?

Ok, in this particular post I am going to be writing to you as a typical grade nine student. I know shock right? Well, scratch that, it's still not true. I am still not typical =P. But anyway, if you have been following any of my friends blogs, you will know that a recent topic was "Love". Now, for some high school students love must be very important. But it really doesn't mean anything to me. Well, in the boyfriend/girlfriend way. What's the point? I remember a time in Grade 5... *flashback* I walked into the bathroom, and here was this girl bawling her eyes out cause her boyfriend broke up with her. I truly wanted to just shake some sense into her!!! Urgh! The first reason, she's 10. Second of all, she dated this guy for like a week and the most they ever did was say hello to each other in the halls. Thirdly, it was like her 4th boyfriend of the month. GET REAL! So, throughout middle school, the amount of dating couples has grown. And they would actually hang out once in a while! Gasp! In grade 8 it kind of slowed because we were the top of the food chain and according to all the girls the guys were not hot and all the guys thought the girls were biotchs. But now the dreaded time has come. Highschool. And some of the stuff that happens... wow. Personally, I like going to highschool to learn and develop skills and make new friends and stuff like that but I realize that may not be the case for others. I was shock, when I saw several girls texting/flirting with guys in grade 12. Some of them were even dating! (Blaaaaaah!!! Disgusting!) Now, I'm not up to date on my laws, but I think there might be a possibility it is illegal to date someone 4 years younger than you. Maybe not BUT IT'S STILL MORALLY WRONG!!
     Another thing about dating, I don't think anyone should feel forced or peer pressured to date. Maybe, your just not ready or not interested or whatever it is, it`s better to wait. Dating's original purpose was to find out if you want to marry them or not. In highschool, that`s not the case but it should be kept in mind anyway. Just some food for thought everybody!! Signing off, Jen

(Oh and one last thing, I have a pet peeve when people just throw around the words I LOVE YOU. Those are pretty powerful words and you shouldn't say them to someone who you just met or get mad when someone doesn't return them)

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Christmas Carol Remade!

Ok so I am extremely sorry to all my viewers. I haven't posted in like, forever! But I have a pretty good excuse. I was in Mexico!!! No joke! And it would have cost me $5 an hour to us the internet.... Yeah sorry guys but it wasn't worth it. Yesterday was so weird, ya know being the night before the night before and everything. Not being home has messed up my Christmas cheeriness like big time. So there are a lack of From Jen christmas presents under the tree this year. But I am making up for it by playing lots of carols on the piano. AND I wrote Merry Christmas in the snow this morning in HUGE letters and it took a super long time. So yeah, feeling a little useless right now. Ok I have so many great things to blog about that I might just make another post explaining them. Since you have read this far, you are probably wanting some  interest piece of writing to finish it off. But I can't cause my brain is mush from the drastic change in temperature between Mexico and Canada!! I am glad to be home for christmas though because it would be weird to not have snow. Although it has happened! Speaking of past christmas's, I should mention that A Christmas Carol is one of my favourite christmas movies. I played Scrooge's sister Fan in a local production a few years ago. In honour of that, I am going to describe mine version as if I was scrooge.

Me: What Fred? Can't you see I'm trying to sleep!!! Wait.... FRED?!?!?! You died last year! What are you doing in my bedroom?
Fred: I've come to warn you!
Me: Warn me of what? You're not even real! Let me sleep -_-
Fred: See these chains? I am condemned to a life of imprisonment to those we made jokes about! I have come to tell you it's not worth the laughs!!
Me: I'm not listening I'm not listening!!! You're not here. A figure of my imagination! Perhaps an unsettled chunk of potato in my stomach....
Fred: I have proof!! Remember our deal friend Annaconda? And Rosy-anne? How about Mary Margaret? They are all going to show you. The first will come when the bell tolls one. The second when the bell tolls two. The third, when the bell tolls threeeeeee
And with that, he left the room
Me: Ba Humbug! This must all be a horrid joke! Let me sleep!

Annaconda: JENNY!!! WAKE UP
Me: What now? Am I dreaming?
Annaconda: I am the ghost of Christmas past. You must come with me! It is very urgent!
Me: Where? I'm still in my pyjamas!!!
Annaconda: You will see....
Me: Where are we? Who are they? Can they see me?
Annaconda: We are at elementary school, 4 years ago. They can't see us.
Me: Is that me? LOOK AT MY HAIR =0
Annaconda: Stop being so self centred and watch!
Group of young girls whispering: Katerina poop-stain goin down the drain!
Single girl begins to cry: Go away!
Me: I never said that! It wasn't me
Annaconda: Yeah but you knew. And you didn't do anything about it.
Me: Wow, that must have all have been a bad dream. Now if only I could go back to sleee
Mary Margaret: Hurry, we must leave
Me: Again? Why?
Mary Margaret: I am the ghost of christmas present! You must see something
Young peer is speaking with the present form of Jennifer....
"Is there any teacher you actually like?"
"Ya.... I like Ms. Steinbach...... and sometimes Ms. Hagan... and, and, and"
(With heavy sarcasm) "wow, you actually like a teacher for once! Lets hold a party!"
"Don't be rude. I just have my preferences.... "
Rosy-anne: You can wake up any time now Jen....
Me: Another one? Great, just what I wanted on Christmas Eve.
Rosy-anne: Well you should have expected it! With every past and present must be a future!
Me: Oh great, here we go again.
An old women is knocking on the door of a bedroom, calling my name
"Jennifer! JENNIFER! You must come out, it is time for church!"
Older Jen: I'm not coming out! Haven't you realized the whole world hates me? I don't have a single friend on earth!
"You have me..."
Older Jen: That's because I pay you! Your just an old maid!
The maid goes off crying, while Jen herself is crying in her own locked room.
Me: Wow, am I really going to turn out like that?
Rosy-anne: If you don't change your habits, then you will!
Me: OMG I have to do something quick!
The next day
Me: There, my Facebook status know says "I'm sorry if I have ever hurt your feelings and I promise not to ever do it again. I send my love out to all of you. Have a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest New Year!!" THE END!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Forced habits????

     Ok, so, this is about maturity (somewhat). Half the time, I think younger kids are more mature than older kids. I was sitting on the bus this morning, and there was frost on the windows. The kindergartners and the grade one-ers were busy making hearts and writing I love you in mirrored image so people on the outside could read it. While, as you moved farther back in the bus, the messages started getting worse. A few were stuff like "Levi is Gay" or "Billy likes dick" or whatever. Honestly, I would rather read I love you than messages like that. But all teenagers were like that... right? Once a kid. I think it's like one of those really messed up transition phases.
    Ok, I know you are either killing yourself laughing or being completely lost at that last paragraph. But to finish the topic, I have to tell you the most horrific news. Ok, you remember me talking about the little kindergartners on my bus? Well they are like my best friends. The one that is my favourite though, her name is Chloe. She is 6 years old and has flowing blonde hair. Now, whenever I am on the bus, she always sits beside me and we listen to my ipod together (now, don't get horrified, my ipod is completely swear-free and all christian music!!). Then one day, she brought her ipod and insisted we listen to it. It was one of the really old nanos with no screen. So were were listening, and at first it was stuff like crazy frog and "i like to move it move it" and stuff. But then there were a lot of songs that weren't. I started listening to the words of those songs, and in ever song, within the first verse there was something that offended me. It was full of niggers and bitches and whores. I had asked her where she had got this music and she explained it used to be her brothers ipod, and other than the fact that she didn't particularly like the songs, she saw nothing wrong with it. So here is this 6 year old girl, learning her manners from songs that I would be embarrassed being caught listening to. Now, thinking about this, I was trying to find out who her brother was. The only brother of her I know of is in Grade 4. That's right, 9 year old. Now, I don't even want to know where HE got that music, but I just wanted to point out, that some kids learn there habits from that stuff that happened when they were little. It might seem perfectly normal to them.
     Now, to change the topic I little, I have another "theory" I would like to share. So, over the years of going to school with the same people, you learn quite a bit. Now, I have to admit, some of my peers aren't the best people in the world. I mean, they are into some pretty bad things. But after being friends with them for a while, I would argue it's not their fault. They have told me stories of when they were as young as 7, being offered a smoke. Or by the time they were 10 they were drinking at home. Ok, you might not get the point yet. How many of the people in the world, do you think, have the same religion as their parents? A lot, right? That's probably because as a kid, they were told that the religion was what was right and their parents probably took them to church or other forms of religious practice. So, now, relate that to something like drugs. If you grew up at home and were told that this was right and your parents even offered you a smoke, you would probably believe them. It's not only the parents, it's the family friends, siblings, siblings friends, and soon their friends. So, with that explanation, how can you possible say that it's their fault? Just some food for thought. Ok I better go now, this post is getting quite long.... LATER MY DEDICATED VIEWERS!!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Negative Energy

     Today I am going to rant and rave about negative energy/hating people. I am sure that there it at least one person on earth that you really really don't like. So, what's it like to be around that person? Come on, I know you know!!! Ok for those of you saints out there, I will describe it. It's one of those things where just seeing that person puts you in a bad mood. If it's bad enough, even thinking about seeing that person ruins your moment (or writing for that matter..... blah) Well this year, I finally stopped having to talk to this person (now named Miley... haha that actually fits) but then she has to do something stupid and show up at our basketball tryouts. Wow. And that whole time, it was bad. I couldn't stand being in the same room. And I have to survive another one on Tuesday. Stupid Miley (friend: *elbows me* me: what was that for? friend: be nice me: I can't!!! she's such a ditz friend: I actually kind of like her me: ..... -_-) Ok, so yeah, that's like the first time I have actually talked about my life without having much to do..... ok wait it does have something to do!!!!
    So, now I am going to feebly try and explain how to deal with your negative energy. First of all, try to not put yourself in that position in the first place. But if it is unavoidable, then you will have to follow some tips. So, if you hate that person so much, it's pretty likely she's not so fond of you either. But the NUMBER ONE THING TO REMEMBER IS don't do anything just to piss them off. I know it is sooo very tempting, but a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself before "why exactly would I say/do that?" and if the answer is to make them mad then don't to it!!!! Another thing to remember is keep the contact to a minimum. Or make sure you are with a group of people so you don't have to talk. That's also a good one. Negative energy, at least I find, is something that is really hard to deal with. It will come and go, but you just gotta push through and try not to let it make you upset. Don't cry over spilled milk, or don't lose sleep over something not worth it. Oh and one last thing, try not to make enemies, because the more you have, the more negative you are. And I found this poem in the printer at school, and I thought it was quite fitting: 
Hatred it like a rainbow, it never ends.
It's the madness of the heart.
It flows through everyone.
You cannot hate others, without hating yourself.
Why waste your time hating someone when they don't care?
Petty glares, and snooty faces.
All just a waste of time.
Why make the effort to hate someone,
When you can just pretend they're not there?
Hate is pointless, so get over it already.

And one last shout out to my viewers, thanx so much for reading! I really appreciate the amount of people and hope you all enjoy it!! Feel free to leave a comment if you have any suggestions or questions. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

My IQ is what?!?!?!

Ok sorry my dedicated viewers for not blogging. First of all, I have been SUPER busy cause, well, you know high school and everything.... But I have so much to talk about!!!! But I can't post more than one post a day or you will all get bored and stop reading.... so yeah. But my current topic..... (drum roll) INTELLIGENCE!!!!!! (yeah yeah I know, that's not exactly "IQ", but I had to title it something to make you read it!!!
     Ok, so this is going to be a really deep topic (he he) ok maybe not but I have such a strong opinion. So, I have been told most my life that I'm smart right. Classic characteristics too, high averages, nerdy, nasal sounding voice, teachers pet.... yeah all of the above. That's me. But don't judge me =P. So, I believed it. You know the saying if your told everyday your stupid, you will believe it. Yeah well that applies here. But opposite. And then ONE TIME I was having an argument with one of my friends about it, and she told me to my face that I was just average, and I only had good marks because I worked hard. Ouch. And that sentence has affected the way I looked at myself for the past two years. One sentence made that huge impact on my life. Do you know why? I believed it. That's all it takes. After that, even though some of my friends would always tell me differently (cough cough *Rosanne*) I still couldn't correct that mistake. It wasn't until this year that I have actually accepted that I am smarter, I guess, than average. In science (uhh I have already talked soooo much about my amazing teacher!!! =P) but we have been playing this game thing of giving each other compliments. At least in my opinion. But it feels so great to get a test back (like a  unit final with a BIG FAT ONE HUNDRED PERCENT ON IT!!!!!!!) with a comment about how the quality and value of my education is so impressive. When someone you looks up to gives you a comment like that, it's a real eye-opener. I think when my friend originally said that, it was out of jealousy. But she has lots of other things to be proud of. My education is mine, and just because everyone is required to have it, doesn't mean that I can't be proud of mine.
     So, if your reading this, and you have never been on honour roll or hate school or whatever, that's ok. I think there are different kinds of intelligence. Such as logic, street sense, humour, quick thinking, learning and so on. You are absolutely NOT stupid, just because you don't have all of the above. Neither do I! Play sports takes smarts. Music takes smarts. Ability to communicate and talk to people takes smarts. Just because your average isn't 95%, doesn't mean your not as smart as the rest of us.
     One last thing (I promise!). When I get to heaven (I kind of excited...) on thing I am going to ask God is how he decides who gets what. Like, how does he decides who are going to be the zitty, not so bright outsiders in the school? Or why do some kids get to be athletic, smart, hot, popular, rich, and the list goes on? It makes me think of games when they give you like 50 points and you get to decide how much of it is smarts, looks, popularity, etc. My personal belief is if you have all those qualities, maybe it's balanced with like a bad family life or something. Ok, now I am going to mention a couple people in code, so if you want the code ask me IN PERSON. So there is this girl Ibjkfjhi (hahahaha that's funny!) ok she is like super smart, but her parents are divorced and she lives with all these little step-siblings. And then Ojdl (hahahaha) has everything. But I think his parents are hiding alot and he whenever his parents are brought up he gets irritated. But those were just examples. Now I better stop there cause this is a REALLY long post!!! See ya later my wonderful followers!! I appreciate it!

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