Monday, April 4, 2011

Catastrophic Canadians!

Look Mrs. Leschert, I made an alliteration! *rolls her eyes* Anyway, Day 3 of A-Z Blogging Challenge! I wasn't sure what to blog about today, so I consulted my trustworthy friends. They were were like "Cold!" "Cats!" "Caroling!" No, no, no I've already thought of those things! I need something that jumps! So we came up with Catastrophic Canadians! We ARE a troubled bunch....

When you think Canada, you probably think cold. Well, that much is true. It is cold here. But, some places are colder than others, for sure. For example, here in the praries, we still have, like, huge amounts of snow. So much, that my dog (miniture schnauzer) can jump our chain link fence. Because there is so much snow. In April. But people in places like Toronto and Vancouver complain if there is like 10 cm of snow. Pfftt.

Canadians: Exibit A (aka me) So my last status on Facebook was "I've been trying to get a tan, but I can only last a few minutes outside at a time without a coat" TRUE STORY

Exibit B: Justin Beiber. A disaster. That's all I have to say.

Exibit C: All of the politicians. Why do we need to have another election? Harper was fine... They didn't believe that his spending thingy was right or something like that and then all the other guys ganged up on him and now we have to spend MORE money on another election. I will be so pissed if Harper wins again and we just wasted all that money.... urgh.

Now, I will decipher a couple of myths/truths

Canadians say "eh" a lot. TRUE! But, it's not like you notice, really. Just the way you talk. And it's not exagerated or anything. It is usually followed by a ? as in eh? They some of the annoyances in my class will have competitions, where the first one to not end a sentence in eh? wins. REALLY annoying.

Canadians ride polar bears to school. Uhh, think this one through for a minute.

Canadians live in igloos Ok now this is getting insane. Over the top. NO MORE!!! NOOOOO MORE!!!

Now, I will take a moment to bring up another "C" word! Well, not really a word. *drumroll* My friend's blog! She is like.... a really good friend of mine! You know, the one that I talked about here, and here and a whole bunch of other places. You interested yet? You should be. Go check it out! Chocochan-chibiko. Look, even two C's!!!!! Ok I got to go, do my harmony =/ adios!

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Jen .. love your background to the blog .. on top of the world .. enjoy your A - Z times .. Canadians seem ok to me!! Cheers Hilary

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