Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Drama Class!

This post is obscure and insanely funny. I will only say so once. You have been warned.

Drama Class. A class not for the weak of mind. A class that you will come down with a respiratory disease if you laugh at everything. I am going to give you a few scenerios, but feel free to leave now if you are pregnant, nursing, drinking wine/coffee, needing to pee, or have asthma.

Scenario 1: So we play an improv game called park bench. There is someone on the bench, and you pretend it's a stranger and have to make them leave. So I'm sitting there, you know, minding my own buisness and this girl comes up to me and says "You would go perfectly with my collection". CREEPED OUT!!! I would be running away from that bench.

Scenario 2: Another improv game. It's called freeze frame (you might of heard of this one....) So two people are on stage, acting out a scenario. Anyone can yell FREEZE and go and take one of there place, and change the scene. So I am laying on stage, looking up at the stars with my buddy Andy, when he starts to scream "That star is coming towards us! It's getting bigger! I bet it's a meteor, or a shooting star, or pluto, or..... MY MOTHER?!?!?!?" and then some guy (lets call him Trout) yells freeze. Wait, wait it gets better. He takes my place laying on the floor, then stars like trying to get away from that spot yelling "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY BED!" to Andy. Funny. Reeeeeeeally funny.

Scenario 3: Ok, I had nothing to do with this one, which is probably why it's so funny =P. It was another improv game (they are so funny!) called Evil Twin. So, Jay-Jay and Trout were on stage. They were dating and going to "meet the parents". So it's all going fine, but then Trouts evil twin Morgan takes his place. Morgan insults the parents, calling them fat and ugly. Then Trout had to come back in a justify. Then Jay-Jay's evil twin comes in (Shea-bear) comes in and says "Now if you could just show us to our room, we need to get busy. Then Morgan comes in and says "You know what I'm going to be doing with her in there. Nevermind, I won't tell you, you will be hearing us anyway" Then the good twins come back and justify that they are going to be doing algebra homework. The mother says

"So you can do it on the table"

The evil twin comes back "Damn right we will do it RIGHT on the table!

Ok, that was funny =D

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Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! That last improv game must have been hilarious to watch! LOL

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