Friday, April 1, 2011


It's my first day of A-Z Blogger Challenge, and I'm so excited! Look! I even followed to A-Z part of the rule! So today is April Fool's Day (I guess I could have titled it that), but, I didn't get to play a trick on anyone today... =( I was tempted though! My dad always talks about how he saran wrapped one of his co-workers van.... It's so easy to! You just go up to the car with a buddy, and toss over, under, over, under. And than the can't get their door's open..... haha it wouold be sooooooooo funny! And I was determined today was going to be the day!!! I actually got Rosanne and walked around the highschool parking lot with a roll of saran wrap scoping out potential victims... but it IS spring break...


There was one teacher's car... (ok, I'm not a stalker, she has her name on her licence plate -_-) But we would have had an audience of druggies... so we chickened.

Now the real reason for my title..... drum roll please *du-du-du-du-du-du-du-du-du-du*

(haha I even forgot I used to do random questions/facts on Fridays... and it's Fridays =D)

  • You can sneeze at up to 100 miles per hour >Wow!!! That's one speedy sneeze!
  • Iguanas sneeze the most often of all animals on Earth
  • You can spray saliva and other particles up to 5 feet during a sneeze > ewwwwww!
  • It is impossible to sneeze in your sleep
  • Sneezing too hard can fracture a rib > now I'm kind of scared of sneezing... =S
  • Suppressing a sneeze can cause a blood vessel in your head or neck to burst > "yes sir, I would rather have your millions of germs all over my hand than have you burst a blood vessel or something"
  • Saying "lamp" or "cucumber" repeatedly when feeling a sneeze coming can actually stop it > hmm...

Did you know there are things that can make you sneeze? Like, weird things? For me, it's Dentyne Ice Gym. Like, not stick gum, but the other kind, in the packages? I always sneeze. But only once! So bizarre. Anyway here are some of them:
  • Sunshine > This one is a little questionable... Really?
  • Plucking your eyebrows > Apparently it has something to do with hitting a nerve =)
  • Working out > Exercise? Makes you sneeze? Who knew.
  • Making Love > HAHAHAHAHA not that I would know... Must be kind of awkward "Just give me a minute, I feel a sneeze coming on!" Wow, I wonder why? Never mind, don't really want to know...
And that's all I got for today. Again, thanks for reading! Always appreciate! And, if you did know, this A-Z Bloggers thingy is everyday of April, excepts Sundays I post, each starting with a different letter in alphabetical order. Actually, the last four sentences all began with my letter of the day! (btw, I included a video for your entertainment!)


Anonymous said...

Those are fun facts indeed. Thanks for sharing!

Huntress said...

**still laughing**

Anonymous said...

THat panda was hilarious!!! LOL

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