Friday, April 8, 2011

F.... Wait I can't ruin the joke!

This post is going to be about joking. So be prepared to laugh.

What starts with F and ends in UCK?
Ok I got that off Facebook (I wish I wasn't such a Facebook addict... I can stop any time I want too!)

Now for one my very funny Uncle Bob (everyone has an uncle bob...) told me.

A man goes to a councillor and says he would like to go to university. The councillor says "I think you should take logic"
Man: Why would I take logic?
Councillor: Let me explain. Do you own a weed whacker?
Man:  Yes, I do in fact own a weed whacker.
C: Logic says that you have a well kept lawn.
Man: Yes, I have a relatively well kept lawn.
C: So, if you have a well kept lawn, logic says you own a fairly large house.
Man: Yes, my house is fairly large.
C: A fairly large house... ok, logic says you probably have kids.
Man: Yeah... I have kids.
C:  Ok, and logic says that you must be a heterosexual man.
Man: Wow! You got all that from the fact that I have a weed whacker! I'm going to take logic.

So, the next day he goes up to a friend of his and states he is going to take logic.
Friend: Why would you take logic?
Man: Let me explain. Do you own a weed whacker?
Friend: No.
Man: You're gay.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA SOOOOO FUNNY!!!! So now for my adventures in math class.  So we have a sub today, right? Now, Mr. T (as he actually calls himself, I think) left a review thing in our textbook to do. Well, I had already done it in my attempts to prove I did not need to be in this class (at the beginning of the year, and we are just getting to it NOW! urgh) and anyway I was DONE already. So the sub comes and stands behind me while I am blogging, and then gives me worksheets THAT WE HAD ALREADY DONE and said it was review. I hate math. No no, that's a lie. I hate math class. But it's all good now because I get to go to gym and dance. You guys should all throw a pity party for me. After 9 years of my life on music and yet I am getting instructed my a gym teacher who can't clap to the beat. SOOO painful. I should ask to do my harmony (a UNIVERSITY level music course) instead of learning how to clap on the beat. Can't believe it. I hate Friday's. Ok, I'm done with my pity party (I'm still waiting for cake!) Adios!


Misha said...

Hehehehe nice jokes!

Good luck with the classes. :-)

Jeffrey Beesler said...

I hate to admit it, but I fell for the firetruck joke hook, line, and sinker!

Anonymous said...

IF your gym/dance teacher can't clap on the beat they shouldn't be teaching dance. LOL

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