Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Can I make a post in 10min? I think so =P Ok, so yesterday I score kept my first basketball game. I discovered I am extremely bad at it. Everyone kept yelling at me to start the clock or give the team points or something confusing like that. Geez! It's way to much work. Why was I score keeping you ask? Well, the middle school took our gym when we were suppose to practice, so I just stayed and watched anyway. What else? They took some of our players! They claimed they didn't have enough (personally I think 8 is enough) and so they took the Grade 8's that had moved up to our team. But only two of them, which was really rude, since there are 3 on our team. But, one of those players is like super amazing right? So, she was only allowed to pass, from what I heard. I think, that the problem was the coach didn't want to lose, so she needed back-up. Aka our players. So they won 58-6 or something like that. I was making fun of the coach (behind her back of course) because she was wearing high heel shoes! I mean, she was fricken coaching basketball in 2 inch heels! So everytime she walked by I would say "click click click click" yeah... well math class is almost over, I better get going. Not bad for like 6min eh?

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Anonymous said...

IF your gonna be a basketball coach you shouldn't wear highheels. DUH! LOL

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