Thursday, February 10, 2011


So now, after complain about my school on every other post, I'm gonna actually give it some credit this time! So, as you have probably gathered, I hated middle school. Everything about it! Since it was 6-8, when I was in grade 8 they decided to start doing all these activity day things where you had to have a "eating contest" for disgusting foods... (aka cold mash potatoes and eggs and oranges) and relys around the gym and "Middle school idol" for Christmas Carols and just stupid stuff like that. Now, I admit, that's great stuff to do in Grade 6, but when your in Grade 8 it's a temptation to skip school. So, that's promoting bad habits. I totally wish it was junior high, because it would just make everyones life easier. But why, if I'm in highschool in grade 9, can't I take highschool courses?!?! I'm not ready.... that's whay they say. Liars! Oh wait, I'm suppose to be praising my school.... right. Now, my favorite part is the cel phone/Ipod rule. First of all, your allowed to have your cel phone and Ipod ON YOU where ever you are. Except during gym, but who would? Second, your allowed to listen to music in class as long as the teacher isn't talking or group work or what not. But amazingly, more people texted in middle school where you WEREN'T allowed to have your phone in your pocket than now. Same with chewing gum. There was way more gum in middle school. Ahh I remember when they had to start threatening to take away grade 8 camp to keep kids from chewing gum. Cause you know the old "If your caught, you have to scrap gum off of the bottom of the tables in gym...." didn't work, because, as one of my friends once pointed out "We should get caught chewing gum so we can skip this class" haha of course, I wouldn't risk grade 8 camp but she did have a point. Holy cow is this post off topic!!! Anyway, overall I love highschool, I just wish I could get out of math class. Oh and being able to drop drama would be great too. OH did I forget to mention my piano counts for credits. Yep, Grade 6 is like Piano10, Grade 7 is Piano20 and Grade8 is Piano30. So technically I could be working on a grade 11 credit thing this year, which that counts. Anyway, math class is almost over (hehe) so I better sign off. Wait, update on basketball.... we played a really small school yesterday and didn't do great. We still won, but my defense was a little wobbly. They had one good player that kept scoring... the person I was guarding of course. Anyway we have a tourny this weekend that I had to skip a curling bonspeil for, but I will survive I guess. Peace Out!

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I agree more people do text when banned from doing so :)

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