Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm back.... sadly

Sadly, I am blogging from math class again. Why? Cause getting out of it just seemed too easy. Let me explain:

First of all, his first reactions was simply "well that's interesting". Then he went on to explain how it would be simply, he would just have to run it through the administration which would be no big deal. No big deal my ass! So, the next day he told me he talked with the vice-principle and they had decided to wait until the principle got back from a conference and run it through him. He won't be back until the end of this week. Then, the decision will be made before teachers confention, the end of the following week. And two weeks after that we switch math teachers and I will have to go through it all again. Shit I thought I had it this time. Anyway, I found out what the actually problem was from my math teacher (we're buddies, him and I). He said my mark might not be high enough. My. mark. might. not. be. high. enough. I will let that sink in. Me, who has had like a 97% in math since Grade 1, might be recognized as mathematically inclined. What kind of world is this? Ok, so I admit, last semester I didn't really care and my mark was only a 90%. Now, I was pretty positive that was because I truely didn't care. Then I only got 83% on my final. Where the hell did that come from? Now, on our unit review, I got 85%. I'm excited to see what I lost marks on. He probably docked marks because I didn't write an essay showing my work for a multiple choice test. Urgh math teachers frustrate me. Anyway, when I know more I will share, but for now, I'm stuck blogging. No offense, but I would rather be in band class.

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