Friday, February 11, 2011

Fat or Skinny?

Ok, I have just realized my last 2-3 posts have all been written during math class. Whoops! But it's too tempting being done all my work sitting in front of a computer.... Anyway so this post is going to be about weight. Now, I'm a highschool girl so I am well informed about the subject. Don't freak out, I'm not worried about it, but I know for lots of people it's really stressful. It really irritates me when people think they're fat. My super skinny friend (I swear she's some kind of experiment, because she is in love with food!) is always talking about how fat she is, or does this make me look fat? or stuff like that. It's a really bad habit, because then people around her who weigh over 80 lbs feel self-concious. But there is so much media out there, and pictures of super skinny, unhealthy girls that have depression problems and all this other bad stuff I hate it! As Sheldon claims, in some ancient cultures fat women used to be considered attractive because they produced better offspring.... now, I know what healthy and unhealthy are. I will not be jealous of someone just because they puke 3 times a day or "forget" to eat! Disgusting. Now, I will save my rant on fat people for another day.... (just kidding!) But I think weightloss is disgusting in general. Unless you are truely "overweight", they you should not be trying to get skinnier. So what if you are 6 feet tall, so you weigh more than most people, but it's obvious that that will happen. I also really hate when people claim they are fat for attention. Really hate! I just want to say something like Sure, Sure, I agree. or  If you think so darling.  Ok, so now I'm done ranting. Boy, I do rant alot!
     Ok, I'm just going to put in my experience. So, yesterday, I had 2 hours of gym option (i.e. 2 hours of cardio room and weight room) and then basketball, (so much fun, because there were only 4 of us, so I was trying to play defence on our coach... hehe) so I was exhausted. So guess what I did? I went home and ate and ate and ate. Why? I couldn't help it! I was so hungry, and no matter what I ate (fruit, toast, chips, candy) I just couldn't get full! So, I have to go now, my math teacher is trying to convince me to go on a math website.... Blah. Adios!

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Writing your blog in Math class should be a no no :) LOL

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