Friday, February 25, 2011


Ok so this could very well be my last post in math class... I know, sad isn't it? I wil have to find some other time in my day to acknowledge the world of the internet, and bore you all to death with events in my life. I have been reading other blogs lately and have been really enjoying them. Just like random blogs I have found on the internet. I wish my blog was more exciting, I get bored reading it myself! I know, today is Friday and I should to random facts, but, maybe later. Oh oh oh right my big news! Why I won't be blogging in math any more! Ok, it all started in Grade 6, when my math teacher let us go at our own speed, so by the end of the year I was doing grade 9 math. So, all these years I have been politely listening in class and been bored out of my skull. Now, my mother and I have been listening to them say "Well next year you can..." or "In the future we hope" and yada yada yada. So this year we went to my math teacher and said "There is a second semester band class that is at the same time as math and I would like to go learn saxaphone" and guess what? They said ok! So now, I am only going to be in math twice a week and will just do the rest as an independant study! Amazing, right? But then I have no time to blog... not that I have been doing that anyway. But for me, this is really, really exciting news. Now, for my daily news. I have a basketball tournement this weekend, so today I get to drive 2 hours there and back to play one game and two tomorrow. Nasty, especially since we don't have all our players AND I'M STILL SICK!!! Like, if I move my head to fast I get dizzy. Plus congestion. So basically, basketball is going to be challendging. Now, I would do fun fact friday, but I'm quite sick and tired and bored so I am going to be lazy and not. Until next time, JEN OUT! (Oh btw my piano teacher's husbands new nickname for me is the JENerator.... HAHAHA I LOVE IT!!!)

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