Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ahhh, February?

My first post in February... yay!!! So, I'm going to start off by saying how much I hate February. First of all, we only get one school day off and that's Family Day (President's Day if you live in the US =) which.... sucks. Next, it's so cold up here in Canada and there is so much snow and to add to that the ground-hog didn't see his shadow.... I think that means spring will be late. Great. Then, why does February only have 28 days? Just to mess with our heads I guess. You know, I think, if any, the month with the shortest days should be last or first. Like, who got to decide that it would be the second month? And then, there is the whole leap year thing. My first complaint is it make the song very long (Thirty days has September, April, June, and November. All the rest have thirty-one Except for February which has 28 but in a leap year 29!!!!) I didn't learn that until last year... hehe. So, I am going to conclude my rant with the statment that I am mad at February because, all the first born women in my family are born on the 13th of the month. Don't ask me why that happens, cause I don't know. But, guess why I'm not? BECAUSE IT WAS A DAMN LEAP YEAR!!! So I was born on the 12th =( because there was an extra day in the year. So, now I'm the odd ball, not on the 13th..... It's so saddening!!!

     Now, to get off the month topic.... want to hear about my day? No, but I will tell you anyway. The only really "new" part of my day was since we switch semesters, we have new classes right? And on Thursdays, our school is screwed up and changes the timestable to create "wacky Thursdays" which we have 3 classes in the morning and only one after lunch, instead of 2 and 2. And the last class is longer.... and guess what class I had for 2 hours? Gym option (basically, one of the option classes, but it was either this or crafts....) Now, don't get me wrong, I love gym, but we started out in a classroom going over expectations and such, then did 40 min in the cardio room, then stretched, and then did some *insert big word here* excersizes (stationary, so like the plank and squat and stuff) then over to the weight room. Now, I thought there was going to be more, let's say, sport type stuff, but it turns out we are in the weight room every Monday, and possible about half the time on Thursdays. Now, that's great because then I will get all strong... (haha I'm the most petite girl in the class.... such a weakling)  but, on Monday's and Thursday's I have basketball too. And plus, I have regular gym as well, so I have gym class every day and twice on Friday's. AND I have curling... too much!!! I am going to be ripped by the time "February" is over.... and some people think I'm nerdy =P

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