Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm so bored. I'm the Chairman of the Bored!

        Hey guys it's me... well duh. I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I've been busy. I am in math right now, but I don't know if I'm suppose to be on the computer's or not.... plus the keyboard typing makes alot fo noise in a quiet room. Should I be paying attention? I don't really know.... I just keep flicking back and forth. Ok, so in math we are learning about powers. I'm so bored because I learned about these already? Where? Well, in elemetary school I loved math so much my dad bought be a math textbook to do during the summer of Grade 5. And this was the first charpter. Now, four years later the school has finally found the time to teach us about it. So, that's why I'm always blogging in math class! If I'm not doing that, I"m usually doing my Harmony RCM course... which I read is equivilent to a Grade 11 math class. Hehe. . I wish this class would talk more, so the evidence of me typing would be less noticable. Oh, let me describe this room. It's a pretty big.... not like university classes or anything but it holds like 30 kids. The desks are all huge, and the computers are inside the desk, like where your knees go. You have to look through this scatched up piece of glass to see the computer. Now, you would think that would make it less noticable that you were on the computer, but when you see someone looking intensely at a desk.... Anyway, this semester is so boring for me, because I have no courses I have to work at! Except for LA, when we do stuff like research essays, but that's just expected. Then I have math, and gym, and gym option (6 out of 20 periods a week are gym!!) Film and Video, and Drama. Now, I really don't like drama. Everyone expects me too, because I'm a loud person and did alot of on stage stuff when I was little, but I don't really enjoy myself in the class. We just recently had to look up love poems that we are suppose to speak in front of the class, and I love speaking poems but with 30 other kids in the class that have probably never done it before and chose drama as their last option (aka me) it will be very boring. Wait, back to math... damn. Ok done. Wasn't that fast? Lol. So back to my topic. School drive me insane. I wish the school would just realize that I am willing to take a killer hard course just for something to do. Well, I guess that's kind of what harmony is, but I want all my courses to be like that! Maybe I should be like Sheldon... quote "It took you four years to complete highschool?!?!" Hehe I'm positive I could do it in three.... That would be an advantage of being homeschooled. But, like my mom said, "then you miss the social aspect of being a kid" Which is true. I would have never met all my friends if I did stick with it through school. Plus, when school is easy for me, then I can do other stuff like be secretary on the Fine Arts Board and spend my spare time on posters and stuff like that. Plus, when we have a project, I can be really elaborate and get a really good mark. Ok, I better go, my math teacher just told me my work was only worth 50% because I didn't show my work. Dammit! I wanted to just slide under the bar.... welcome, series of torturing math classes... Well at least I have my blogging family to keep me company. And harmony =S... Better go. Adiós mis amigos fieles... haha that was straight from google translator.... (Goodbye my faithful friends!)

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