Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Curling? For Real?

Ok, now everybody thinks I only blog in math class. NOT TRUE! I'm in LA this time... hehe. Well it's a snow day, so appherently (as I just learned today) all the teachers are forced to mark everyone present. So, after lunch (or as soon as the idiots in the school realize it's a snow day) everyone leaves. Not me! I stay here. Why? Becuase I love school and everything about it and wish I could stay here all day long and I don't have a ride home and it takes me 17 minutes to walk.... -_-  And this morning in math, my gym teacher came in and was like "who wants to go curling?" and I was like "Me! I love curling!" But, first of all, I'm in jeans and it is really uncomfortable when you slide.... yeah.... Plus, I had to curl with/against the gym teacher.... and not to talk smack or anything, but he is not exactly the nicest person to be around. My friend kept saying the whole time "he's so sexist" which I guess maybe a little. He has this attitude that if you're not a guy that is ripped or a girl that is like amazing at basketball or something, than you're at a lower level than he is. And of course, I curl twice a week right? So I ain't half bad... anyway so he was teasing me he was like "stop throwing guards you don't need that at this level (aka no one know anything about curling)" and in my head "Well it's not my fault this ice is rigged" Which it was, it was way less keen than all the other sheets. And he kept say "a little more weight, eh Jen" and I just wanted to say "Ok, mister All Star, I happen to skip a juvenille team (highschool) and am third on a ladies league team. So you know, just leave me alone". Then, next period I was like YESSSSS GYM!!! Shit we are going curling. He was like "what are you doing here?" I have gym.... walk of shame. I should probably go, my LA teacher is standing right behind me.... Just kidding she thinks I'm working really hard because I'm typing at like 50 wpm.... hehe I love snow days!

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