Friday, March 25, 2011

Texts.... of course!

More funny stories? Ok. Well, this is my texting conversation with my buddy George.
Me: Hey.... just so you know I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning. I know you don't care but I will be there for drama and my group might freak out
George: Ok and what do you want me to do?
Me: polish my shoes and shine my coat Just in case I'm not here at the start. My appointments at 9:15 so I sure as hell better be done at 10:00!
George: K I gots it
Me: Cool. Funny story I was talking with my sister and I said coolio and cool beans or something like that and Kianna was like u sound like George and I was like maybe I am George in disguise and she was like no George would have a better disguise.
George: Haha that's so funny and true
Me: You have a better disguise of me than me?
George: Yepperes I would have thought of something more interesting than dressing up as you
Me: Haha I'm sure you would've =P
George: Hehe well of course it is the magnificent me we are talking about here
Me: Yes gather round children and bow down to the meg of all megs..... MegaMeg!
George: Sounds like megamind
Me: That was the point.... you may be awesome and leader of the world one day.... BUT I AM THE ONE WITH THE MEGAMIND!!! MWAHAHAHA
George: I don't know about that miss 67% in math mwahahaha
Me: Yeah well *************************** know a genius when she spits in his face
George: Haha I am glad I don' thave him I would sick hard core
Me: Sick hard core? Is that like puke really hard? Cause the first thing I thought of was sick him hard core whcih doesn't sound pleasant...
And we kept going on and on like that but I'm tired of typing so now I'm done =) Bye!

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