Thursday, March 17, 2011

A laugh is worth more than.... nevermind

I'm sure every one has been wondering where I have been.... just kidding! I am back yet again to give you every detail of my life that I barely care about.... just for something to do during math! =P So I am trying to be funny on my blog, which is really difficult... but I'm up for another swing at the bat. Swing at the bat? I think I need a little more sleep....

Yesterday I just got back from a ski vacation. We left over teachers convention, so I only missed one day of school awwww shucks  and am now back in math class. We went as a whole family, so mid-vacation my uncle and grandparents showed up. Now, that was absolutely fine, it just made the chair ride a little weirder.

Picture this in your head. We are sitting on a four person chair going up the mountain. I like chairs, except that it took half of an hour to get to the top of the mountain, changing chairs multiple times. So on this chair is me, my dad, my sister, and my uncle. The conversations were as follows.

Sister: Wierner balls, wiener balls wiener balls! (ok, your probably thinking my sister is liek 8, right? No, she's 13)
Me: What?
Sister: It's sounds funny. Uncle Bob told me about it.
Dad: *looks at Bob*
Uncle: Well, I had this friend that would was asking what you call it when you cut up hot dogs and put them in macroni. It makes wiener balls. And that just sounds funny. So he made a song about it.
Dad: Does this guy have a life?
Uncle: He was the bass player in Barage (a band my uncle was in)
Dad: Oh, he's a musician. That explains everything.
Sister: Sing the song for us!
Uncle: Wiener balls, wiener balls
           Everbody loves, wiener balls
           Put 'em in a frying pan, fry them up
           Eat them with, some ketchup.
Me: Wow.

So yeah. We had a lot of conversations like that. I keep trying to remember, but it's really hard. I keep thinking "come on, I need something to blog about!" but that doesn't really work either.

Oh I finished my film and video project today! It was basically a stop motion video, so you can only use photos, not video. It took a really long time though, because you would have to move a little, stop, take a photo. Move a little, stop, take a photo. I would LOVE to post it here, but first of all, it's a video of me, and second of all, that's a little personal for random people on the web to look at. Now, since we are the first group done (the only group that actually DID something) we are now starting on our commercial. Tossing about a few ideas, I decided to get my viewers opinion.

Underwater Pogo Stick: It's an actual product (look it up!) But I would like to just take a regular pogostick and bounce it underwater. How do I do that? Well we have a green screen and a very talented friend (Amy) who might be able make it work. Or, if all else fails, I have a little tiny hard plastic backyard pool that could never pass for "underwater", but it might be entertaining watching me attempt.

Toilet Tunes: Everytime you flush, it makes a different sound! There is such thing for this one too, don't get me wrong. My project friend person was like "It would make you work harder!" hahahaha soooo funny

iPad: Now, this one would be kind of awkward and more than embarassing to film something for, but found it on the internet.

Thought it was pretty funny.  Ok, I better leave it at that, math class is almost over did I really say that out loud? Adios, Amigos!

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Anonymous said...

Haha the Ipad must be a fun flm project. Do it! Do it!

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