Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gettin beat up again...

I have had such a busy week/weekend! I can't wait until a time when I can just relax.... May maybe. Ha! That sounds funny! May...... maybe. Hehe. Sorry I'm reaaaaaly tired. Update on the math thing... probably a no-go because I have been doing really bad on all my assignments because I hate using word. I could explain my entire life in numbers, but no, they require words in math class. Shoot. My purpose of life is over. Anyway, I have been reading other blogs that are so funny, and sitting there in math class trying not to laugh at the most hilarious things these people are saying and I had a lightbulb turn on.... I should write like that! So, here is my attempt at trying to make you laugh.

I had a basketball tournement this weekend. It was basically like zones, right? So we are competing against school smaller than us, but you know we lost all our good players (well, not ALL of them...) so we kind of suck. Anyway, it was the last game of the night (our 3rd game that day) and it was really late and we were playing for the gold. I had 4 fouls, right and 5 you get kick out of the game I'm kind of an obnoxious person. Now, the rule is, if your feet are planted and someone hits you, its their foul, but if you move your feet, it's your foul. Now, I'm point guard on my team. It's my responsiblity to step up to the plate and stop the ball, right? Well, I tried. This girl was sprinting down the court with the ball and I stopped right in front of her and KABAM I hit the floor. Ouch. That hurt. I truly didn't want to get up, just lay there and die. It hurt so much, being thrown through the air and slammed down. I've been trying to gain weight so I don't get bounced around so much, but even 10lbs more still gets me bounced like a bouncy ball. ok that was my attempt at being funny. Oh well I tried.

Ok, that was so not funny, let me try again.

So, I couple weeks ago, Rosanne and I went skating. And there was this guy there... =P He was kind of old, like late 20's I think, and not the cutest button on a shirt but... keep reading. Anyway, I was watching him watching Rosanne (does that make me creepy) as she was figure skating around everywhere. Then we stopped for a break and he came up and was like "can you teach me any easy figure skating move" and she was just like "I'm not a very good teacher" and left it at that. Now, the enitre time in my head I'm going Ok, either he is gay or trying to hit on her.... he's asking her to teach him Figure Skating moves! So, later, I was so tired so I quit early and was taking off my skate. Sure enough, I hear here laughing and look up an she's talking to this guy. Cute, eh? She just keeps saying "What? I like making new friends". But she doesn't know his name. Hehe funny! Appherently, he used to go to the same school as us, and kept asking stuff like "Is that old fag of an English teacher still there?"


Anonymous said...

Haha! That's funny. A guy in his late 20's shouldn't be hitting on your friend. But it was probably really funny watching him trying to learn a new figure skating move! LOL

Adeah said...

That is hilarious!!! I wish I could go skating too...

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