Friday, March 18, 2011

Friends, what would you do without them?

Ok, so the other day, one of my MANY friends (hehe) came over to my house to practice our flute duet. (That was like a normal teenage sentence and that.... turned nerdy =D)  Anyway, we were eating good food and watching TV when a Tide commercial came on (ok, it might have been a Bounce commercial, which would make more sense, but I originally thought it was Tide so I am calling it a Tide commercial) and it was all like Bar vs Sheet (or something similar.... I have a short attention span, ok?) And then at the end it had a girl from the shoulders down wearing an orange shirt. Written across the chest of the shirt was "How do you bounce?" Well, we cracked up over that one. Really? Across her boobs is written how do you bounce? Funny. Really funny.

This semester, I have language arts class (aka English for all you Americans) and I've been in it for a while now. I actually really like this teacher (surprise surprise, as some of my friends would say) and I enjoy being in Language Arts. But I have to admit, she does have excess amounts of energy and has so much passions about what she teaches. Not that that's a bad thing, but it tends to lead to rumors about her being a little bit crazy. That's not my personal opinion, but whatever.

So we are sitting in LA class and it's at the beginning, and I don't remember what she was talking about, it was something like what one of the guys said and blah blah blah I wasn't really paying attention (I know, gasp, right?) And then I hear Quinton say to the teacher "Trent says you need to be medicated." Well, that caught her attention. It was followed by the comment "He thinks you're insane" Well, although it was really entertaining (and gave me something to blog about), that is rather insulting. I was impressed at how easily she brushed it off, but honestly, that must of left a mark.

Stuff like that happens all the time in highschool. I think it must be the smaller age gap between the students and the teachers. Well, maybe not because in middle school we had a really young teacher and that did NOT go over well.... I'm still kind of surprised when students make comments like that to teachers. But also, some teachers would make that kind of a comment towards a student. Like my film and video teacher would also greet a student (named Cody Ell) with the phrase "Go to Ell, Cody". So whatever, I guess it goes both ways.

Getting back onto the friend topic, when this friend was over at my house, I asked her what she wanted to drink and she said apple juice. There was only a like half a glass left, so I gave it to her saying "There wasn't much left, so I peed in it to fill the rest" She laughed and then drank it. Afterwards she said "Even if you did pee in it, the apple juice tastes really good!" Haha that's pretty funny.

Oh and I should send a greeting out to my new followers. 3 in the past two weeks! Amazing!!! Just thought I would recognize you and I really appreciate it. Now, even though my friends blog has more viewers, I have more followers! Mwahahahaha! Spread the word about my blog!!! =D!!!!

(Now I better go, and actually do work in LA class for once. Man, Internet is so distracting!!!! Oh and just to bank on that, I went to parent teacher interviews with my grandmother last night (my parents are on holidays in the States) and my teacher was like "And even when we are working in the lab and the other students go crazy on the Internet, Jennifer is very dedicated and always gets her work done." As if! Blogging is so much more fun.)

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