Sunday, January 30, 2011

The time I hit my head....

So today you get to hear all about my tremendous tales of Grade 8 camp. If you don't know what that is, it's basically like the "congrats, you're finally done middle school. But wait before you go, let's throw you out in the woods for a week with all the parent volunteers we can round up and see how well they survive" Yeah, no bathrooms and electricity for 5 days was everybody idea of "fun". Oh yeah and they made us sleep in tents too! Ok, here is my version of the camp. Oh yeah and they made us write in a journal claiming they would take them in for marks, which they never did. If I can find it I will show it to you....

Day 1 (sorry guys, could find the journal so you have to bear with my memory):
Started it off Monday morning with a 4 hour bus ride. I don't get what's the point if all they need was some where in the middle of no-where they just needed to walk 100 metres from my house.... Anyway then we set up our tent. We (or my friends would argue it was all me) invited this... well different  girl to tent with us, because I decided to be a good person. Well, I could describe her in four letters, ADHD. And possibly rebelling against her medication. Not to dwell on that fact, we set up camp, involving this girls mother convincing me to climb up a fir tree to tie ropes so we could have a sheet of plastic for rain run off (a requirement, although I'm sure most tents are built well enough to do it anyway). I got yelled at by passing teachers, of course, but I told them even if I were to fall, there would be 10 feet of strong, needled branches to slow my fall. Oh yeah and btw my dad was at camp too =)

Day 2:
Sorry, I just deleted day 2 because it was boring. Move right on to day 3

Day 3:
(I deleted this all too, because it was boring) So, here is the big part of the story. Oh wait, first my dad had just left because he had work to do in a city so had to drive. We got back to camp and were playing this game called backwards tug-a-war. It's where two people put on a harness (like, rock climbing harness) and are then connected by a bungee cord. The object of the game is to run in opposite directions on grab a ball,  then run back to the centre and put it in a bucket. Simple enough. Well, after watching a couple teams do it, I was intrigued. Then this girl, let's call her Brooke =P came and asked me and my friends if anyone would go against her. Now, just to give you a mental picture of this situation... Brooke is like a foot taller than me and built with bones triple my size. We were at the gym once and I swear she could bench press me (ok, maybe an exaggeration, but you get the drift) Anyway, I, being young and foolish said "Sure, that looks like fun". Anyway, our turns comes up and all the teachers have made a viewing line and are laughing and telling me to stay low. Of course, because if I were to stand up, she would just pull me over! Anyway, the guy says go and I make it a couple of steps... and then.... I realized my feet were in front of me, and I didn't know where the ground was! Whack, I hit the ground and even slid back a couple of feet. So, I stand up, remembering to stay low and kind of stagger forward a bit, before I hit the ground again. I look up, and here the teacher guy is standing over me saying "that's enough, this is just disgusting to watch" So I get up, and start walking back over to where my friends are. I reach to the back of my neck, because it was feeling kind of hot. I pull my fingers away because it was all wet, and realize I'm bleeding. My friends saw the blood and freak out. I'm like no big deal, I will just go to the tent and clean it up. So I drag some of my non-freaking friends to follow me. So, we get there and Amy finds her kleenex, and while handing it to me says "I think I might be afraid of blood" me saying no worries, I have my first aid training, I can handle this. After like 8 Kleenexes, I realized it was really bleeding, being a head injury, and was walking back to the main tent when a teacher is approaching me, with my other friends trailing behind. My first thought? Tattle-tails, I'm fine!!! Anyway, she brought be back to the tent, and told me to sit down and put my head down. Then I heard a chorus of OMG's and oooh ouch!es. Yeah, well apparently when I fell backwards (twice) I must of hit a rock or two because there was like this two inch long gash in the back of my head and I was bleeding like crazy. Now, immediately they had cleared away everybody because people were freaking out, but that was before they realize that some of my friends would be useful to help them get stuff. Anyway, they asked who was in my tent, and I said Amy and Meghan, but I also said to find Meghan because Amy is scared of blood. Well, to my surprise, so is Meghan. She told me why afterwards, but at the time I had no idea. So, I named off a few of my other friends, who brought me blankets and combs (oh I hadn't washed my hair/combed my hair in a week so it was a little embarrassing....) Oh, and then thank gosh one of the parent supervisors was a nurse, or else I might have bled to death, given the IQ of some of the teachers. Ok, not to be rude, but they were heating water over a little tiny stove while there were 5 trailers 20 feet away that could of easily boiled it. Umm back to my story, they are like pouring all this alcohol and cleansers over it to clean it and stuff. Oh wait, I forgot to mention what I was like? Ok, first of all, I was having no pain AT ALL. It was amazing. Plus, I felt so awesome because there are like millions of natural pain killers runnin straight to my head. Everyone probably thought I was high! I was crackin jokes and having a jolly good time, why the nurse person was trying to tell me that they could drive me to the hospital (2 hours away) and I would have stitches, but I didn't really need to go because it would heal fine, I would just have a huge scar and if I shaved my head I would look ugly. Plus, she didn't say this, but there would be alot of paperwork. I was having a jolly good time watching everybody shoes (I wasn't allowed to look up) and try and figure out who was who. Oh, and I should introduce to you, my wonderful teachers who were perform this procedures. I shall call them 3H's because there last names all started with H. The first one is the one whose daughter is like 3 years younger than me but does all the same activities (choir, piano, curling) and she was the one who washed my hair. It was extremely disgusting, they put a bowl in my lap and dumped water on my head, so I got to see really how much I was bleeding. Oh and she was the one that cut my hair!!!! Took a big chunk out of it, she did she did!The next one, is the one that talks to us like we are 6 years old and she was the one who went around telling all my friends "it's just a little scratch". Oh and the last one, my personal favorite is the true blond that was trying to be helpful yet I personally know gets nauseated over people losing teeth... it didn't help she didn't like me much.... nor I her. So yeah, they bandaged me up, and I felt so bad for Brooke!!!! Plus, on of my friends freaked out on her, and Meg was just balling her eyes out the whole time because she really can't stand blood (she stuck by me tho!) and I was just having the greatest time of my life and I was trying to tell Brooke that without her thinking I was insane. Ahhh good old endorphins.
         So, then a while later H#2 (in terms of explanations) came up to me and said (quote) "we have a spare bed in our fifth-wheel if you need it" Wow, what a concept. With all 3H's. All at once. Well, H#1 would probably try to give me a warm glass of milk, and H#2 would tuck me in, and H#3 would take pictures of me in my sleep and possible slip some mysterious powder into my water.... just kidding. I would never say things like that.... I obviously "politely" refused. Then, guess what? I was walking back to my tent and who do I find searching it with a flashlight? A gaggle of teachers. H's to be exact. They claimed the were worried than I had spilled blood in my tent. (oh btw they confiscated my clothes that I bled in and whisked them away to somewhere away from bears). I thought that was a little invasive myself.... anyway, they pointed out a bag of chips asking what it was... I said I couldn't see it so Maggie came over to scope it out for us. Yeah, it was chips and they were mad we had food in our tent. Good thing they didn't look behind my bag where we had hid Tim-bits my dad had left us.... oh and then they asked us what this other miscellaneous object was.... and Maggie said bluntly "that's underwear" which it truly was. Anyway, I think I better stop there, this post is extremely long. So now you have read my troubles and turmoils of Grade 8 camp. Anyway, I got home and my mom took me to ER and turns out I had needed stitches, but it was too late, AND I had had a concussion. But, that was a wonderful experience, and I am the founder of the helmet rule. I will be talked about in safety spiels for years to come, and I'm sure my sister will be proud to say "yep, that would be my sister". Oh and one more thing: I never cried. EXCEPT the time where we were suppose to be listening to Mr. Lee talk about memories we will take away with us..... except I wasn't listening to that, Meg was explaining why she hates blood to me and it was such a moving story and she was crying and I was crying.... and then H#3 gave us trouble for disrupting..... ahhh good times.... good times.....


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That underwear!lol that was soo funny!

Jen said...

Haha yeah! You were sooo blunt. Why lie when you can tell the truth?

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