Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm back.... sadly

Sadly, I am blogging from math class again. Why? Cause getting out of it just seemed too easy. Let me explain:

First of all, his first reactions was simply "well that's interesting". Then he went on to explain how it would be simply, he would just have to run it through the administration which would be no big deal. No big deal my ass! So, the next day he told me he talked with the vice-principle and they had decided to wait until the principle got back from a conference and run it through him. He won't be back until the end of this week. Then, the decision will be made before teachers confention, the end of the following week. And two weeks after that we switch math teachers and I will have to go through it all again. Shit I thought I had it this time. Anyway, I found out what the actually problem was from my math teacher (we're buddies, him and I). He said my mark might not be high enough. My. mark. might. not. be. high. enough. I will let that sink in. Me, who has had like a 97% in math since Grade 1, might be recognized as mathematically inclined. What kind of world is this? Ok, so I admit, last semester I didn't really care and my mark was only a 90%. Now, I was pretty positive that was because I truely didn't care. Then I only got 83% on my final. Where the hell did that come from? Now, on our unit review, I got 85%. I'm excited to see what I lost marks on. He probably docked marks because I didn't write an essay showing my work for a multiple choice test. Urgh math teachers frustrate me. Anyway, when I know more I will share, but for now, I'm stuck blogging. No offense, but I would rather be in band class.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Ok so this could very well be my last post in math class... I know, sad isn't it? I wil have to find some other time in my day to acknowledge the world of the internet, and bore you all to death with events in my life. I have been reading other blogs lately and have been really enjoying them. Just like random blogs I have found on the internet. I wish my blog was more exciting, I get bored reading it myself! I know, today is Friday and I should to random facts, but, maybe later. Oh oh oh right my big news! Why I won't be blogging in math any more! Ok, it all started in Grade 6, when my math teacher let us go at our own speed, so by the end of the year I was doing grade 9 math. So, all these years I have been politely listening in class and been bored out of my skull. Now, my mother and I have been listening to them say "Well next year you can..." or "In the future we hope" and yada yada yada. So this year we went to my math teacher and said "There is a second semester band class that is at the same time as math and I would like to go learn saxaphone" and guess what? They said ok! So now, I am only going to be in math twice a week and will just do the rest as an independant study! Amazing, right? But then I have no time to blog... not that I have been doing that anyway. But for me, this is really, really exciting news. Now, for my daily news. I have a basketball tournement this weekend, so today I get to drive 2 hours there and back to play one game and two tomorrow. Nasty, especially since we don't have all our players AND I'M STILL SICK!!! Like, if I move my head to fast I get dizzy. Plus congestion. So basically, basketball is going to be challendging. Now, I would do fun fact friday, but I'm quite sick and tired and bored so I am going to be lazy and not. Until next time, JEN OUT! (Oh btw my piano teacher's husbands new nickname for me is the JENerator.... HAHAHA I LOVE IT!!!)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Math Class!!! oh boy.

So, I have been forgetting that on Fridays I do random facts!!! Now, I don't think that I have time for 50 questions, but I will do as many as I can! Ok, starting...... NOW!!!

1. What are your initials? JT (If you connect them, they make a PI symbol.... and I'm naturally good at math =)
2. What is your favorite thing to wear? Shoes.... and I like socks too! I have a huge collection!
3. Last thing you ate? Toast.... for breakfast
4. Favorite recording artist? I like Manafest
5. What were you doing at 8:00 this morning? I had morning band.... I had to get us so early!
6. Last person you hugged? My friends Brooke, she was having a rough day
7. Does anyone you know want to date you? I don't really know, but I'm not ready to date yet anyway
8. The last place you went out to dinner? Like A & W I think
9. What were you doing 60 minutes ago? Uh, I had just finished morning band and was talking with my friends, then I had TA class
10. Why are you still up? I definately should be because school just started!
11. When were you last outside? I walked from the car to the front doors of the school
12. Favorite type of food? Chocolate
13. Favorite holidays? Thanksgiveing
14. Do you care if your socks are dirty? Yes, but I usually don't notice
15. What is on your bedroom floor? White-ish carpet
16. What is the last thing you drank? Coffee.... haha us Canadians start drinking it at a young age =P
17. Have you ever bungee jumped? No, but I think it would be so much fun!
18. Have you ever gone white-water rafting? Yes!!!! It wasn't really wild or anything... But it was the day after fiddle camp and I had just succeeded at an all nighter.... white-water rafting with no sleep? Yep, sounds like something I would do!
19. Has anyone ten years older than you ever hit on you? No!!! Ewwwww that would be so gross!
20. Can you play an instrument? Yeah lots! Piano, Flute, Trumpet, Bass Clarinet, Saxaphone.... Piano's my favorite though.... I'm trying to learn violin
21. Hows the weather right now? I don't even want to know how cold.... cold enough to stay inside!!!
22. What are you listening to right now? My math teacher... Just kidding! He's not talking at this moment
23. What is your current favorite song? No Plan B by Manafest
24. What was the last movie you watched? Oh I don't know the name, it was one of those Valentine Specials they show on cable... it was actually quite good
25. Do you wear contacts? I wish I could... Naw I'm stuck with glasses
26. Where was the last place you went besides your house? Um basketball but I don't think school counts... so Piano lessons
27. Who was the last person you drove with? My mom.... hehe except I can't drive
28. How many piercings do you have? Just my ears... I wanted to get my belly button pierced but then everyone started doing it... and I wouldn't do it if people thought I was just trying to be "cool"
29. How many pets do you have? I have the cutest dog in the world!
30. What time did you go to sleep last night? Like 11, quarter after, something like that
31. What do you usually order from Starbucks? I can't stand the lines... plus I live in a small town.
32. Have you ever fired a gun? No, I'm scared of guns.
33. Favorite TV show? Big Bang Theory
34. Who would you like to see right now? Uhh I don't know?!?! Meg because she hasn't been at school for like ever!
35. When was the last time you saw your dad? Last night.... we were watching TV
36. Favorite flower? Lilac
37. Butter, plain, or salted popcorn? Butter, but my rents always but seasoning on it...
38. What magazines are you reading? Runner's World
39. Has anyone you were close to passed away recently? No
40. What's something that really bugs you? People who refuse to accept the responsibility for their own actions (just kidding, that's what the guy before me put) Uhhh when one of a double door is locked...
41. Do you like Michael Jackson? Not really
42. Where would you like to retire? A ski hill in the mountains
43. Favorite hockey team? Nashville Predators =)
44 Favorite cereal? Goatmeal!!! Just kidding Oatmeal Crisp
45. What's the longest time you've gone without sleep? I have pulled a couple all nighters
46. Do you believe in love at first sight? Not Especially...
47. What did you do for your last birthday? I just ate with my family... that was it I guess
48. Who was your last phone call? Mommy
49. How many years at your current job? School? Like 10 years =D
50. Closest green object to you? My math textbook.

Haha turns out I did all 50... but class ends in 7mins so I have to find a picture... and Fast! Hehe I love pictures... Now I have to go... turns out I didn't finish my sheet. Have a nice day!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesdays.... aka Hump Day

I really don't like Wednesdays. They are the longest day of the week. Not to mention the fact that they are in the middle, farthest away from the weekend. But my personal Wednesday's are the worst. As you probably guessed, today is Wednesday and I am in math class (yet again). I start my day at like 6:30 in the morning because I have morning band. Today is espicially bad, because I'm looking at how long my day is going to be and how little sleep I got and how much I wish I had grabbed a coffee this morning and realize I'm having a bad day and it's only 8:45 in the morning! Geez! Today is one of those days that doesn't stop, because after school I have an out of town basketball game and then after that I have a piano lesson. So my day is over 12 hours of stuff I have to do. And that doesn't include all the homework and practicing I need to do! I'm exhausted just thinking about it.
     So, I think I need to post about something I like, because the last however many posts have been about things I hate. So, remember my post about uniqueness? Well, now I've been trying to pick out people that are unique. Like there is this girl in my school who plays basketball on the JV team, and automatically I picked her out of a crowd. How cool is that? I totally wish I could be like that. I haven't really figured out how yet. I have been reading this Christan book and it's talking about how to Really Live. It says all this stuff about having to surrender yourself to God, and let him take over. But, I'm kind of scared to do that. I need control, and I'm worried if I just let that all go, it might not come back. I don't know, I have to put a little more thought into it. But I can't now, I have too much to do. Maybe that's what the book means by letting him take over. Geez, life is so complicated! I have so much to do, but not enough time in a day. Eventually, I will recover and will be back to normal with all my happy and carefree posts. But, the bell is about to ring to dismiss math class. Don't worry, I actually did my work.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Can I make a post in 10min? I think so =P Ok, so yesterday I score kept my first basketball game. I discovered I am extremely bad at it. Everyone kept yelling at me to start the clock or give the team points or something confusing like that. Geez! It's way to much work. Why was I score keeping you ask? Well, the middle school took our gym when we were suppose to practice, so I just stayed and watched anyway. What else? They took some of our players! They claimed they didn't have enough (personally I think 8 is enough) and so they took the Grade 8's that had moved up to our team. But only two of them, which was really rude, since there are 3 on our team. But, one of those players is like super amazing right? So, she was only allowed to pass, from what I heard. I think, that the problem was the coach didn't want to lose, so she needed back-up. Aka our players. So they won 58-6 or something like that. I was making fun of the coach (behind her back of course) because she was wearing high heel shoes! I mean, she was fricken coaching basketball in 2 inch heels! So everytime she walked by I would say "click click click click" yeah... well math class is almost over, I better get going. Not bad for like 6min eh?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Fat or Skinny?

Ok, I have just realized my last 2-3 posts have all been written during math class. Whoops! But it's too tempting being done all my work sitting in front of a computer.... Anyway so this post is going to be about weight. Now, I'm a highschool girl so I am well informed about the subject. Don't freak out, I'm not worried about it, but I know for lots of people it's really stressful. It really irritates me when people think they're fat. My super skinny friend (I swear she's some kind of experiment, because she is in love with food!) is always talking about how fat she is, or does this make me look fat? or stuff like that. It's a really bad habit, because then people around her who weigh over 80 lbs feel self-concious. But there is so much media out there, and pictures of super skinny, unhealthy girls that have depression problems and all this other bad stuff I hate it! As Sheldon claims, in some ancient cultures fat women used to be considered attractive because they produced better offspring.... now, I know what healthy and unhealthy are. I will not be jealous of someone just because they puke 3 times a day or "forget" to eat! Disgusting. Now, I will save my rant on fat people for another day.... (just kidding!) But I think weightloss is disgusting in general. Unless you are truely "overweight", they you should not be trying to get skinnier. So what if you are 6 feet tall, so you weigh more than most people, but it's obvious that that will happen. I also really hate when people claim they are fat for attention. Really hate! I just want to say something like Sure, Sure, I agree. or  If you think so darling.  Ok, so now I'm done ranting. Boy, I do rant alot!
     Ok, I'm just going to put in my experience. So, yesterday, I had 2 hours of gym option (i.e. 2 hours of cardio room and weight room) and then basketball, (so much fun, because there were only 4 of us, so I was trying to play defence on our coach... hehe) so I was exhausted. So guess what I did? I went home and ate and ate and ate. Why? I couldn't help it! I was so hungry, and no matter what I ate (fruit, toast, chips, candy) I just couldn't get full! So, I have to go now, my math teacher is trying to convince me to go on a math website.... Blah. Adios!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


So now, after complain about my school on every other post, I'm gonna actually give it some credit this time! So, as you have probably gathered, I hated middle school. Everything about it! Since it was 6-8, when I was in grade 8 they decided to start doing all these activity day things where you had to have a "eating contest" for disgusting foods... (aka cold mash potatoes and eggs and oranges) and relys around the gym and "Middle school idol" for Christmas Carols and just stupid stuff like that. Now, I admit, that's great stuff to do in Grade 6, but when your in Grade 8 it's a temptation to skip school. So, that's promoting bad habits. I totally wish it was junior high, because it would just make everyones life easier. But why, if I'm in highschool in grade 9, can't I take highschool courses?!?! I'm not ready.... that's whay they say. Liars! Oh wait, I'm suppose to be praising my school.... right. Now, my favorite part is the cel phone/Ipod rule. First of all, your allowed to have your cel phone and Ipod ON YOU where ever you are. Except during gym, but who would? Second, your allowed to listen to music in class as long as the teacher isn't talking or group work or what not. But amazingly, more people texted in middle school where you WEREN'T allowed to have your phone in your pocket than now. Same with chewing gum. There was way more gum in middle school. Ahh I remember when they had to start threatening to take away grade 8 camp to keep kids from chewing gum. Cause you know the old "If your caught, you have to scrap gum off of the bottom of the tables in gym...." didn't work, because, as one of my friends once pointed out "We should get caught chewing gum so we can skip this class" haha of course, I wouldn't risk grade 8 camp but she did have a point. Holy cow is this post off topic!!! Anyway, overall I love highschool, I just wish I could get out of math class. Oh and being able to drop drama would be great too. OH did I forget to mention my piano counts for credits. Yep, Grade 6 is like Piano10, Grade 7 is Piano20 and Grade8 is Piano30. So technically I could be working on a grade 11 credit thing this year, which that counts. Anyway, math class is almost over (hehe) so I better sign off. Wait, update on basketball.... we played a really small school yesterday and didn't do great. We still won, but my defense was a little wobbly. They had one good player that kept scoring... the person I was guarding of course. Anyway we have a tourny this weekend that I had to skip a curling bonspeil for, but I will survive I guess. Peace Out!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm so bored. I'm the Chairman of the Bored!

        Hey guys it's me... well duh. I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I've been busy. I am in math right now, but I don't know if I'm suppose to be on the computer's or not.... plus the keyboard typing makes alot fo noise in a quiet room. Should I be paying attention? I don't really know.... I just keep flicking back and forth. Ok, so in math we are learning about powers. I'm so bored because I learned about these already? Where? Well, in elemetary school I loved math so much my dad bought be a math textbook to do during the summer of Grade 5. And this was the first charpter. Now, four years later the school has finally found the time to teach us about it. So, that's why I'm always blogging in math class! If I'm not doing that, I"m usually doing my Harmony RCM course... which I read is equivilent to a Grade 11 math class. Hehe. . I wish this class would talk more, so the evidence of me typing would be less noticable. Oh, let me describe this room. It's a pretty big.... not like university classes or anything but it holds like 30 kids. The desks are all huge, and the computers are inside the desk, like where your knees go. You have to look through this scatched up piece of glass to see the computer. Now, you would think that would make it less noticable that you were on the computer, but when you see someone looking intensely at a desk.... Anyway, this semester is so boring for me, because I have no courses I have to work at! Except for LA, when we do stuff like research essays, but that's just expected. Then I have math, and gym, and gym option (6 out of 20 periods a week are gym!!) Film and Video, and Drama. Now, I really don't like drama. Everyone expects me too, because I'm a loud person and did alot of on stage stuff when I was little, but I don't really enjoy myself in the class. We just recently had to look up love poems that we are suppose to speak in front of the class, and I love speaking poems but with 30 other kids in the class that have probably never done it before and chose drama as their last option (aka me) it will be very boring. Wait, back to math... damn. Ok done. Wasn't that fast? Lol. So back to my topic. School drive me insane. I wish the school would just realize that I am willing to take a killer hard course just for something to do. Well, I guess that's kind of what harmony is, but I want all my courses to be like that! Maybe I should be like Sheldon... quote "It took you four years to complete highschool?!?!" Hehe I'm positive I could do it in three.... That would be an advantage of being homeschooled. But, like my mom said, "then you miss the social aspect of being a kid" Which is true. I would have never met all my friends if I did stick with it through school. Plus, when school is easy for me, then I can do other stuff like be secretary on the Fine Arts Board and spend my spare time on posters and stuff like that. Plus, when we have a project, I can be really elaborate and get a really good mark. Ok, I better go, my math teacher just told me my work was only worth 50% because I didn't show my work. Dammit! I wanted to just slide under the bar.... welcome, series of torturing math classes... Well at least I have my blogging family to keep me company. And harmony =S... Better go. AdiĆ³s mis amigos fieles... haha that was straight from google translator.... (Goodbye my faithful friends!)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ahhh, February?

My first post in February... yay!!! So, I'm going to start off by saying how much I hate February. First of all, we only get one school day off and that's Family Day (President's Day if you live in the US =) which.... sucks. Next, it's so cold up here in Canada and there is so much snow and to add to that the ground-hog didn't see his shadow.... I think that means spring will be late. Great. Then, why does February only have 28 days? Just to mess with our heads I guess. You know, I think, if any, the month with the shortest days should be last or first. Like, who got to decide that it would be the second month? And then, there is the whole leap year thing. My first complaint is it make the song very long (Thirty days has September, April, June, and November. All the rest have thirty-one Except for February which has 28 but in a leap year 29!!!!) I didn't learn that until last year... hehe. So, I am going to conclude my rant with the statment that I am mad at February because, all the first born women in my family are born on the 13th of the month. Don't ask me why that happens, cause I don't know. But, guess why I'm not? BECAUSE IT WAS A DAMN LEAP YEAR!!! So I was born on the 12th =( because there was an extra day in the year. So, now I'm the odd ball, not on the 13th..... It's so saddening!!!

     Now, to get off the month topic.... want to hear about my day? No, but I will tell you anyway. The only really "new" part of my day was since we switch semesters, we have new classes right? And on Thursdays, our school is screwed up and changes the timestable to create "wacky Thursdays" which we have 3 classes in the morning and only one after lunch, instead of 2 and 2. And the last class is longer.... and guess what class I had for 2 hours? Gym option (basically, one of the option classes, but it was either this or crafts....) Now, don't get me wrong, I love gym, but we started out in a classroom going over expectations and such, then did 40 min in the cardio room, then stretched, and then did some *insert big word here* excersizes (stationary, so like the plank and squat and stuff) then over to the weight room. Now, I thought there was going to be more, let's say, sport type stuff, but it turns out we are in the weight room every Monday, and possible about half the time on Thursdays. Now, that's great because then I will get all strong... (haha I'm the most petite girl in the class.... such a weakling)  but, on Monday's and Thursday's I have basketball too. And plus, I have regular gym as well, so I have gym class every day and twice on Friday's. AND I have curling... too much!!! I am going to be ripped by the time "February" is over.... and some people think I'm nerdy =P

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