Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"Friendly" Competitions

So, upon request, I am going to bring this topic up. Now, I know that it might not happen to everyone, I am going to bring up my opinion. Now, you have to understand that all of my friends are nerds. Like BIG nerds. And our friend group is potentially like 14 people. Now, within that friend group we break into smaller groups like school nerds, manga nerds, glee/drama nerds and so on. Anyways.... so I hate getting tests back, for one reason. First of all, I have been like the "smart child" for like ever, and my friends have not. To the point that it bothers me because peoples greatest achievements are getting higher than me on a test. So when we get a test back, I have people, IN MY FRIEND GROUP comparing answers with me, and I get a "ha I beat you" or a "well I won't tell you my mark cause it's none of your beeswax". SO FRUSTRATING =/ . I'm sure this happens with other people to, whether it may  be sports or make up or skateboarding or whatever, the problem is it still happens. A lot. And for people like me, that just makes me so angry. Why do I have to live up to other peoples standards and always be conscious of what people are doing? Really, I don't care who I beat or anything, I'm just curious how well I did in comparison. I honestly don't keep track or anything.

How To Change it: So, at the end of every blog I'm going to have a section like this to try to raise awareness about whatever I am talking about. So, for this topic, I think this could be changed by being aware of what your saying to people and how people might take that. Because, I know this has happened to me before that I could say something and it could offend someone and I won't realize it until it's too late to even apologize. So basically that underlying point here is to be aware of what you think, because thoughts turn into words, words into habits, habits into character, and character into destiny. (I saw that on a poster once.... great line!)

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