Sunday, November 14, 2010

Health: Sex. Ed???

People are probably looking at this title going "what the...." but it's something that I have been thinking constantly about. I find the education system in the school SO offensive and I think they don't realize what it's like to be sitting in a classroom and listen to that kind of junk. I think that teachers don't realize that students will believe everything that comes out of their mouth. It drives me insane because 14 year olds don't think for themselves half the time and get in a lot of trouble. Anyway well last year, (grade 8) it really bothered me the things that we were told. They grouped together all the girls and we sat for like an hour listening to all the forms of birth control and how effective they are and yada yada yada.... Then, calling the grade down to the PAC (performing arts centre, for future reference) they explained STD's and how to protect yourself and your partner ect, ect, ect. Sorry, that's not my idea of a fun afternoon. That part wasn't so bad, because I know that there are probably people at the time that may have been slightly considering??? so we sat through that whole thing to benefit like 7 people. Fantastic. 
       Now, this year, that's something different. We mostly talked about dating violence and sexual assault and stuff like that, which I have to admit is kind of a relief compared to previous topics..... But then we moved on to other stuff, and that included a condom lesson. But the thing about that was nothing was optional and they expected you to fill out a form about a help centre you would go if you were pregnant. It was like they expected us to be sexually active. Which I found offensive because at this time, I had already chosen abstinence through my religion and I knew that I was NOT going to use anything I took out of that class. And our final topic was drinking. Wow, talk about insulting. Really, it was more "if you get drunk, the best way to go home to your parents is..." or "don't do this while drinking" and stuff like that, and it was more "when your drinking" instead of "don't drink". Now, I know the reality is most high school kids will drink, but really? I'm only 14, as is everyone else in that class. Honestly, it made me feel like I'm a loner because I don't drink. Now, I'm smart enough to know that that is not true and I know that I am more proud of not drinking than I would be drinking, but I'm worried about the less secure people. Are they really going to know that no matter what the teachers say, not everybody is drinking by 14. So, I'm guessing like now that maybe 25/125 kids have ever drank, so really, the teachers shouldn't be presenting the information that way. I would rather see more "look at what drinking does to you" than "how not to get yourself killed at a drinking party". 

How to change it:  Ha!!! I figured out how to get underline off (punches fist in the air). Umm, this question doesn't exactly fit with the topic but I'm going to attempt it anyway. I think that someone needs to step up and explain to the school board how this comes across in a classroom setting. My personal sex. ed has gone like this:
Grade 5: Girls, I promise your not dying if you find blood in your panties
Grade 6: DARE program, drugs are the worst thing you could do to your body, you will die
Grade 7: What your organs are for and how sex makes you pregnant
Grade 8: How to be safe and healthy while being sexually active
Grade 9: How drinking is expected and how sex is expected so here is how to do it right
Ok, this may be a bit of an exaggeration but you get the gist. Anyway, that's all I have time for, my dad is calling me to wash dishes. TTFN!!!! (ta ta for now for all you non-pooh bear-ists) 


Anne Lyken-Garner said...

It's good that you've started your own blog. It's encouraging to see young girls take an interest in writing and all things intelligent.
Good on you for abstaining! I admire you for doing that and I think it's definitely the right thing to do.
All the best.

Jenny said...

Thanx for reading my blog!!! I really enjoy the opportunity to share my opinions and I was surprised of the amount of people that read it, it's kind of cool. I'm trying to convince all my friends to make blogs too, so then I have people following me =P I think it also develops writing skills.... possibly..... at least that's what I'm finding. Thanx again for reading it!!!! So cool.....

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