Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm Afraid.

I went skating today. Wow. Well, I went with my friend (no name =P) and she used to figure skate and made me look really bad. I can't skate. I never learned, and it's one of those things that I kind of expected to be good at because I'm flexible and have good balance, and lots of people can do it without being taught. So it really surprised me when I struggled with it. So, today I was trying to get my friend to teach me, and it went ok, I guess. I was really scared. First of all, one of the last times I skated I broke my wrist, which it's not like that especially scares me, but now I know that could happen. And, ice is really hard when your coming fast. (I also have a big bruise on my knee from curling). Wait, hold up. How come I'm not scared of ice in curling, but am in skating? Must be the surface area that my whole body weight is on... haha sure I will go with that ;) Anyway, when I'm skating, it's like I can't try anything cause I don't want to fall. And I see all these little kids that keep getting up, and I find it hard to mimic them. Why try when it is something I can just ignore for the rest of my life? I guess, it's more of a challenge? yeah I guess.
        So I think this post has turned more into from I'm afraid of skating to I need to overcome my fears. I like skating because it's a fear that shouldn't make me afraid and that is reasonable to overcome. My other fears are stuff like waterfalls, killer whales, birds (you know I'm an odd child when). For the most part, I don't have to be ok with those things (ok, maybe birds...) but with skating, I can learn to do it. Now, I'm sure I will be more comfortable with a helmet and knee pads =P but I think it will be awesome when I learn how.

How to change it: (sorry about the underline, anyone know how to fix it?)Everyone has fears. Everyone has stuff that there afraid to do, even if they don't admit it to anyone, even themselves. I think it is really good for yourself as a growing individual to do things that scare you. I hope that eventually, skating won't be something I'm afraid to do. I'm afraid to push myself because if I fall hard enough I will give up. So this is my challenge for you. Do something that scares you. Like really scares you. Not something that is bad or dangerous, like bungee jumping off a cliff without being trained or anything, but something like skating or swimming or going down a waterslide. I dare you =)

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