Thursday, November 18, 2010

Parental Embarrassment :S

So my 'rents and I (I love when people write like that!!! It's so funny!) we just discussing blog ideas because I couldn't think of one. We came up with this. Because today, at parent teacher interviews (which is held all the teachers in the gym) she embarrassed me in the worst way possible!!! But I am going to build the suspense and make you read all the drier writing to get to the good part.
      I am sure that all of the human beings reading this have been embarrassed by their parents at some point in time. I do admit, some parents are worse than other. As the first born to my mother, I take the responsibility of "teaching" her what is acceptable and what is not. (Note: this should be a responsibility given to all first borns) My mother, thankfully, is very conscious of embarrassing me and for that I am grateful ;) ps. she reads my blog..... But not tonight!!! Guess what she did tonight!!! wait I have to set the scene.... in comic book form!!!!

mother standing with daughter at the last teacher they had to see, after hours of them telling her how great her daughter is... they were having a very intellectual conversation about musically harmony and history, when the daughter said something that was mildly amusing....
(Mother) "I'm sure history will be easier, you just have to know composers and what kind of music they wrote."
(Daughter) "Yeah, but knowing my luck they will expect stuff like 'who discovered the second inversion of a dominant seventh..."
Mother, before she can stop herself, lets out a monstrous laugh which echos in the gym-ish atmosphere. Realizing her mistake she quickly covers her mouth, only to find the entire gym staring at her as if she had grown a tail.....

Ok, I know that's extreme. But I had fun writing it. And she truly did laugh really loud.

How to change it: Ok, so obviously, this section only for parents to use. DON'T EMBARRASS YOU KIDS!!! Please pay attention to things that they say embarrass you and don't to it again.
Kids section: tell you parents when they embarrass you! I'm sure they will make an effort to not do it again, because they were once in your shoes  too!

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