Monday, November 15, 2010

Ouch, Please Help!!

      Ok, so I know how this blog is going to go already. I'm gonna say "you know what? chiropractors are great and you should visit them" and you gonna go "no way I'm not going to cause it looks like it hurts!" Well, let me try and change your mind!!! (evil laugh :P) Ok, first of all, I will agree that SOME chiropractors have a *cracking your back* practice, and I have to say that not all do. My chiropractor, though, has a technique that is unique in the way that he uses a pressure gun (sounds scary, but not) and uses it to make minor adjustments on your spine. And you will be thinking "I don't hurt, why do I need that?" but it's amazing after you go once and you feel so much better!!! It's because when you jerk your back or fall or something, then your entire spine moves to compensate the dislocated part. Which means your spine isn't straight. Which means your whole body has to work around this. (Also, this should be an obvious, but if you can't do something or are having trouble moving, go to your chiropractor!!!)
      Ok, so where this was originally going is I went to the chiropractor today (obviously) because I think I wreck my back. Between volleyball, curling and my new interest in skating, I think it's a little hard on my body =P. I'm to the point where it hurts to stand up or jump or sit down or or or yeah..... So I went to the chiropractor. Wow, I can't believe I just wrote all of that about one little 15min event in my day. Amazing. Anyways, as you could see, I couldn't really think of a subject at this present time so, yeah you got this.
     Oh and one more thing, and I'm saying this because I know this particular person won't probably read this but being on the volleyball team we have all these "gatherings" as a team. Now, this is fine, except for that I'm super geek and everyone one the team is "popular" as in dating grade 12s and buying  $400 jeans.... yeah so I don't really fit. Anyway, so this weekend I was invited to a sleepover after our tournament... with the person who just dyed her hair black if you curious ;)

   OK, that's all I have to say. TTYL!!!!! (oh btw, my how to change it:   promote chiropractors!!!! that is all) OH OH OH and my bestie friendy made a blog and her's is so check it out !!!!!

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