Tuesday, November 16, 2010

OMG I didn't realize that!!! (P vs P)

*Women goes to the check out for the grocery store* "Paper or plastic?"
*Sudden thought that there should be other options. Women surprises herself by growing to an incredible size and starts screaming STOP THE MADNESS!!!!! WHEN I WAS A KID........ *

      Ok, so I admit, this is kind of a comic book scenario, probably unlikely to happen in real life. And if I could draw, I would add a picture of beautiful hand made art to accompany that, but I can't. So, sorry, but you have to use your imagination. Anyways, the reason I brought this up was today we watched a documentary is science that really inspired me. (I was trying to decide whether I should discuss this or complain about how frustrating math class today, but I like this better =) The documentary was called "Battle of the Bags" (watch now) in case your so inspired by my speech you will further explore this. I would really appreciate it if you stuck around a little longer to hear what I had to say. Trust me, you will learn something.
     Many people believe that plastic bags have come to "a point of no return". They are EVERYWHERE. But the ones I am most concerned about are the super thin grocery bags, or ones like that. I don't think that you could find a person that can honestly say that they haven't seen one on the streets or in the park or even in the ocean. But I'm sure somebody said that about recycling too, but look at how much stuff we recycle today. Anything can happen, especially with the society changing. Now I have to admit, prior to this year I have been very pro-eco or anything. Sure I recycle and turn off the tap while I brush my teeth, but that's because I am growing up in the generation that they teach it as a subject in school almost. But when I actually thought about the bags, and how much we could change just by acknowledging the fact they exist, I started taking a different opinion. Now, we as a household never throw out our bags, we stick them in the cupboard and use them for things like carrying skates or donating clothes and stuff like that. But where do they go from there? The trash? The streets? The OCEAN?!?!?!?!
     Ok, so now is the part where I scare you with the top 10 scary facts that were in this documentary and on the Internet. 

  1. Canadians use approximately 6 BILLION plastic bags a year.
  2. The plastic bag manufacturing business employs 7000 people in Canada. 
  3. Plastic bags are made from polyethylene, which is made from 4% of the earth's total consumption of natural gas and oil. (9 plastic bags have enough fuel to power a car 1km) It is almost  indestructible and made from an non-renewable resource. 
  4. Plastic bags can take up to 1000 years to decompose. 
  5. Every piece of plastic ever made still exists.
  6. Only 1% of all plastic bags are recycle.
  7. About 1 billion mammals and sea birds die every year due to plastic bags.
  8. Canadian plastic bags have been found in Scotland.
  9. Plastic bags clog drains, leading to more severe flooding in some countries.
  10. Sea turtles often mistake plastic bag litter for jellyfish and are killed. Up to 60% of total sea turtle deaths are from plastic bags.
      And one last thing I have to say. It's not impossible to rid the world of plastic bags. Some countries have outlawed it, even some cities in Canada have said NO. It's up to our generations to push the laws and regulations to make the world better and less wasteful. All it takes is education and support and we will soon be able to make the world a better place. (I know, cliche right?) Because the truth is, you only get one chance. And if we screw it up, what are we going to put our children though and their children through. And a toast, to making a more plastic bag free life. Long live the Earth.

(And btw, I am slowly convincing all my friends to start blogs so I will have links soon!!!)

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