Friday, November 19, 2010

Try Me!

Ok, so today I'm going to tell you about my habit. I guess it could be considered a "bad" habit in some peoples perspectives.... but I enjoy it thoroughly. Truly. So this "habit" is doing stuff like little "experiments" when I'm bored. No, I don't have a secret chem lab in my basement or anything, but its stuff like this:

1. Ok, so in science we have these desks that have a bar across the far side, just above chair level. Me and my bestie George (lol!) put our feet up on it and leave them there the whole time. Now, from this I have discovered a few things.....

  • First they go numb. Like the pins and needles kind of numb.
  • Next they go really really hot. It almost feels like your shoes are on fire. Or stepping into a tub of hot water after being outside in the snow
  • After that they go freezing. Like snow cold. So interesting eh???? 
  • Finally they go like a dead-ish feeling. Like they aren't mine??? anyway at this point I take my feet down because it's probably not the best thing for my feet, you know, with no circulation and all. All in the average science class (of course I pay attention! it's just, makes it more entertaining!)
2. The other thing I'm going to tell you about is today, after volleyball, my mom was at the grocery store so I had to wait a while. And as you know, this is Canada in the November so it was cold and snowing and yucky outside. But instead of waiting inside, I sat outside. On the ground. And this was my challenge: how long could I sit there without freezing my ass off??? well, I almost made it the whole 10 min (I'm pretty sure) but my jeans started sticking to the sidewalk so I decided to sit on my running shoes (spare pair) but they didn't make much of a difference. Anyway, I was also playing with the fact that I could see my breath, and how far I could see it if the wind was blowing. And then the wind changed directions!!! I know right!!!! ;)

How to change it: Try new things!!!! Entertain yourself, don't expect other people to do it for you!

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