Thursday, November 11, 2010

Remembrance Day

As you probably know, today is Remembrance Day. November 11th, 2010. Yesterday, at school, we had a service in which I played in the band. I know what your thinking "oh my gosh she's a band nerd too!" Yep. That's me. And in our school, we get everyone from grades 1-10 in the gym and then the high school band plays and then the grade 4-5 show choir sings. And, it was kind of weird, because I've never been that close to crying during the service. It wasn't that it was a sad, but I don't know, maybe I'm just growing up. I remember singing in the choir, we sang In Flanders Field which is the poem to music. Yesterday, they sang a song that basically said "If you remember anything about me, remember my song". I think that I got emotional because here were 30 ten year olds singing words they didn't understand, but were so powerful. Basically, it was about how someone who had been shot in the war was trying to tell the people who knew them to remember what it felt like to touch them and listen to them and don't ever forget and I'm rambling now because it was so sad!!!! =( Remembrance day is important because so many people died and so many families were broken to give us the freedom we have today. I think that is the greatest gift anyone could give us. People usually focus on the number of deaths or the amount of soldiers that didn't come home, but the list is way longer than that. What about the men and teens that lost limbs and are permanently disabled? What about the ones that wake in the middle of the night screaming because they had a flashback to the time when they were in war. And it's not just the men that suffered. There were thousands of grieving women who lost nights of sleep waiting for news about there husbands, sons, and even daughter. Women had to take over jobs that they had no idea about, just to be able to keep the town thriving. Families had to live through rations and weren't allowed much of things like sugar and had to rely on things like preservatives. Remembrance day is an important day to all Canadians and should be honoured and treated with the respect it deserves.

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