Friday, January 14, 2011

DAY #6

Why is it day number 6? Because it's the 6th day of the week silly? Yeah, I know I'm crazy but that's the way I think. So, I am starting a new tradition. Every Friday I am going to have Random Question Friday!!! I need a cool name... RQF? No that's dumb... uhhhh I <3 my viewers day..... No, Ok I will brainstorm later. What's so special about this Friday? I'M IN MATH CLASS!! Yeah, again. I'm a really speedy mathematician, and even though I missed 2 classes I was still one of the first ones finished. And it's spreadsheets, so I'm on the computer. It helps I'm a fast typer. Ok, question time!

1. Are you wearing a necklace?

2. Does your computer have a mouse?
Yeah it does
4. Do you like school?
Yeah I love school

5. What color is your shirt?
6. How many bedrooms do you have in your house?
5 plus an office

7. What song are you listening to?
Nothing I'm in math class

8. What was the last mall you've been to?
My pathetic home town one with only peavy mart and stuff like that

9. Are you alone?
No, I'm in a room full of people...

10. Do you have any older siblings?
Yeah a half brother-ish =)

11. What is the last thing you ate?
Shredded wheat

12. Who was the last person to come over to your house?

13.Who was the last person to call you?

14. Who was the last person who texted you?
Corey... again

5:10 - what the hell is this? Where is 15?

16. What should you be doing?
French.... Or science..... Or harmony....

17. Who is the last person you IMed?
Like, 4 years ago? I can't remember...

18. Did you go out to eat yesterday?

19. What are you thinking about right now?
How slow the stupid school computers are...

20. What color are your pants?

21. What color is your keyboard?

22. What do you feel like eating/drinking?

23. Are you in college?
No, just plain old school

24. What is the last word you wrote?
I was studying for science so probably like celestial bodies or something

25. Are you bored?

26. How many teeth do you have?
Regular amount minus wisdom and minus the four teeth I got removed.... I'm glad they knocked me out for that

28. Do you wear glasses?

29. What color are your shoes?

31. Last thing you drank?
coffee/mocha thing

34. Who do you love?
My family?

35. What are you doing right now?

37. What are you looking at now?
computer screen?

38. What's the last words you said?
I'm only on question 37

39. Do you have lip gloss on?

40. Do you have eyeliner on?

41. Did you realize there was no question number 36?

42. Do you have a cut on your pointer finger?
ummmm scars but no cuts....

43. Where is your cell phone?
In my pocket... shhhh don't tell! Kidding we are allowed....ish

44. Do you have any friends named Robby?
no, but my Uncle's name is Bob.... Robert-Bob-Bobby-Robby I guess... Doesn't everybody have and Uncle Bob? I have two...

46. Do you have any friends named Nikki?
A girl on my basketball team is named Nikki...

47. Are you afraid of the dark?
not really but sometimes it's creepy... like when I hear the mass murderer in my closet and my heart rate starts going really fast

48. Did you used to watch "Are you afraid of the dark?"
No.... Was that a show or something?

49. Do you like someone right now?
I don't know. I hate this question

50. What size shoe are you?
5... ladies.... Don't laugh!! Everyone makes fun of my "monster feet"

That's it? That's all? Right when my computer started speeding up.... That sucks. Now I have to study, or work or.... keep blogging haha ok you convinced me. I will. STUDY! Just kidding I can't. Computers are too tempting. I might be back... later. But on the same post I think... TTFN!

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