Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

Guess what? The buses weren't running today! I love snow days! It's like half the class is there right? Yeah I know what you're saying "But you're a bus kid...." Technically I am, but I walk to school most the time so I might as well not be. Anyway, most of the day was useless. But I really don't like not going to school because then I'm behind and have to rely on everybody else... Ahhhh! Never! My day consists of follows: begged my mom to talk me to school so I could talk to my friends in the morning (in her TA), band (only one person missing... NEW RECORD!), TA in which I snuck into my friend's TA and we played extreme cards. I sometimes feel sorry for my friends TA teacher because I am always in her room... and she will probably have to put up with me for the next four years.... but I bought her a Christmas present so it's all good =) Anyway then I had French, which took too much brain power. Lunch (woohoo!). Science (watched a space video) and then social. Social started out like this:
Teacher: We're watching a movie!
Class: YES!!!!!
Random kid: What movie?
Teacher: Highschool Musical!
Another random kid: We're too old for that movie
ANOTHER random kid: I've seen it too many times
Teacher: Fine, you 2 kids go get a movie from the library
*come back with The Simpsons*
Me (inside my head!): Really? ohhh shit this is going to be a really long hour!

Again, if I could draw that would be a comic. But again, I can't. And again, your stuck with words.
But it was torture sitting there. And then my friends (who is homeschooled....) started texting me because we are suppose to coordinate a biblestudy for this sunday and was asking for ideas.... So see? It's all good. It's not like I would text in a regular class to my friend sitting beside me. Anyway, to my relief my wonderful social teacher didn't care, so I actually stayed awake that entire class!

     The Simpsons isn't even a good movie! It's horrible! Total slapstick, first of all. I like it when it's actually intellectually funny (cough cough, the Big Bang Theory) meaning you actually have to have more than a half a brain to get it. And the Simpsons half the time is just making fun of morals and stuff like that. The one part that sticks out for me is when the guy announced CODE BLACK and then the next line is "That's the worst kind of code there is!" turns to the African-Americain guy beside him "No offense" Just bad humour! Anyway, I'm bored of ranting. Again hehe. See you later! Thanks for reading! You're my inspiration.

Hey everybody! I'm in the middle of math class...... I'm so bored. Done all my work of course.... but I forgot to add what this post was really suppose to be about! Anyway, so I have this really stalker-ish habit of watching people.... I know, creepy right? You learn alot about people... and funny habits they have... hehe ready for this. My oh so wonderful science teacher: likes to bite her nails... and when reading something aff the internet she will mouth the words, haha and my social teacher? Takes off her shoes and sits with her legs crossed all the time. Not that I notice... -_- But it's ususally take more brain and thought power than watching the Simpsons..... Yeah, it's almost lunchtime. WOOHOO see ya losers! Just kidding I love my viewers. No, No, I really didn't mean it Come Back Guys!!!!

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