Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Ok this post today is going to be super speedy....  Why? BECAUSE I'M GOING REALLY FAST! What are you doing everybody is asking? No!!! Like mentally! Ok, I don't like that world. Phsiopyhologically! Ok that word probably doesn't make sense but it works for me! I have a million things to do today. Yes a millions! First of all, I have to breath about 23, 040 times and I have to beat my heart 100, 000 times! But besides those things, I also have to go to morning band, then SCHOOL (yeah that thing that adds so much stress in my life!) and then I have a basketball game in which I go STRAIGHT to piano! During the course of the day I have to finish my harmony (so hard.... just so hard) And put up posters.... and a whole bunch of stuff like that! AHHHHHH got to go because I have to go to band! ahahahahaha I will be back when I have time! LATER!!!!
(sorry, no time for a picture!)

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