Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When people ask, I reply

First of all I am going to apologize for not posting in an extremely long time... I've had exams and everything =/ I didn't do very well, but don't tell anyone! Anyway, I only needed like 20% to get on honour roll, which is pretty good because the exams are worth 20% of our mark. Oh well.... I guess I shouldn't complain. I didn't fail, but I did study lots! Urgh.... it really irritates me when I fail (according to my standards) and some people get 98%.....
(Oh btw is it really creepy that I found a picture of you?!?!
 Courtesy of Facebook....)
     So, I have someone I have to mention in this blog. She specifically seeked me out at school to mention the fact that she wanted to be apart of this blog. Let's see if you can guess who she is. Ummm she has brown hair (I think it's brown anyway, there are so many different colours of "brown" nowadays) It's usually like... super straight. She probably doesn't like school, I haven't asked her personally or anything... she played on my baseball team last year.... when we were really little we were in a community play.... oh and her families Australian-ish..... I think. So if you don't even know who I am, you have no hope of guessing who she is. But if you do know who I am.... I truly hope I am not just useless at giving descriptions and you actually have an idea who I am talking about. Come on, Come on. No, it's not Meghan! (Meg, why do they always say it's you? You don't even fit.... some of the description!)  It's Amy! Stratulate! And, quote, "she is the most amazing person in the world and I love her so much!!!!" I was suppose to say something else about her, but I forgot. Oh and I am suppose to mention that Elisha Pederson is cool too, but not as cool as Amy. (Elisha was the one that video taped me exploding my head open at Grade 8 camp.... what? I haven't mentioned that before? Remind me to do that....)  Yeah, they're in my French class... well were. And from what I've heard that won't be the case for much longer! I seem to talk about alot of people in my blog..... maybe I should mention it to them too... There getting back-talked about, except about good things! Maybe I shouldn't, they might get all cocky. Just kidding, I don't know anyone who would commit such as sin! Ok, I better sign off, this post is getting quite.... off topic. Adios, Amigos!!(Sorry, my Spanish hasn't improved any....)                                                                                      

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